10 Good Reasons for attending Floatation Therapy Twice a Week

man inside float tank

Floatation therapy has been all the rage over the last decade and based on statistics, these numbers are increasing as more and more people find it worth their while to go for this treatment that has existed for more than half a century. It has actually been proven that floatation therapy benefits those who suffer from health issues in a variety of ways. The main reason behind the effectiveness of floatation therapy which involves sensory deprivation is traced to the impact that the therapy has on the human brain.

What is known thus far is the fact that floatation therapy creates a window of opportunity for the brain to redirect resources to other areas of our biology that is neglected. The therapy induces deep relaxation which sets the brain into the ‘Theta State’ which ‘clears the mind’ to ‘do other things’ during floatation tank sessions.  Below is the list of ‘primary reasons’ as to why floatation therapy is good for just about anybody.

Reason # 1: Deep Relaxation

During floatation therapy, individuals go into a subconscious state which promotes calm in the mind and allows them to get some much needed ‘deep rest’. The fact is that there are no external stimuli that trigger any of our natural sensory responses even allow joints and muscles to relax. This leads to reason # 2.

Reason # 2: Pain and Stress Relief

All the tensions that built up in the joints and muscles tend to relax during floatation therapy which in turn reduces the amount of stress hormones in the system and increase the amount of endorphins and dopamine which increases our natural tolerance to pain and immune system. This leads to Reason # 3.

Reason # 3: Improved Quality of Sleep

After floatation sessions, the body naturally feels good and the ‘feel good’ feeling is brought forward after sessions for days. It is an acknowledged fact that when the body feels healthy and happy, sleep comes rather easily.  This leads to reason # 4.

Reason # 4: Muscle/ Injury Recovery

Our bodies heal rapidly when we are in a state of deep sleep. The fact that floating promotes good quality sleep, individuals who float once or twice a week heal faster compared to those who do not. Another element of floatation therapy is the fact that it enhances blood circulation meaning more delivery of oxygen and nutrients to major organs increasing their performance to optimum levels which brings us to reason # 5.

Reason # 5: Enhanced Immune System

The fact that floatation therapy promotes good sleep, reduces the level of stress hormones in the system and increases the level of ‘feel good hormones’ in the body and promotes goods sleep collectively enhance our immune system. This makes individuals less susceptible to a variety of other illnesses.

The above are just the primary factors; the secondary factors based on research indicate that floatation therapy enhances the performance of both mind and body (mental and physical). People become more creative, are able to perform better physically (the reason as to why athletes are great proponents of the therapy).

Apart from that the therapy has also shown to be effective for women who suffer from PMS and pregnancy discomfort which could be easily related back to the 5 primary reasons. Other plus points of float therapy include stress and anxiety reduction, managing pain and mood enhancement.