11 Plus Success is The All-New Automated Course Designed to Help Students with their Grammar School Entrance Exams

Every year, thousands of parents and students face the annual stress of trying to study for the 11 Plus exams. With many families unable to either afford a tutor or meet the flexibility required to hire a personal tutor, 11 Plus Success was created to provide them with the required knowledge through a fully automated online course. With animated activities and hundreds of practice questions, the digital tutor programme offers three membership levels suitable for every budget.

With only a certain number of places available at each grammar school, demand is on the rise and every year hundreds of students tackle the 11 Plus entry exams. Unfortunately many fail to secure the required pass rate and things such as using generic books and tutors, a lack of ability to track progress and not studying for the four separate components are frequently some of the leading causes.

11 Plus Success is a brand new, fully automated preparation course which has been designed to help students work through the required exam syllabus; ensuring they have the best possible chance of passing their grammar school entry exams. Launched by experienced tutor Anu Verma who has been helping students at KS2, KS3 and GCSE level for over 15 years, 11 Plus Success is completely online meaning students are able to log in and take advantage of the course as required.

Whilst there are already various tools, papers and books available on the market, none offer a truly in-depth level of knowledge which is why the 11 Plus Success platform contains all of the relevant information required to successfully prepare a student ahead of the exam. Specifically designed by 11 Plus tutors, the course includes the four relevant sections of the examination including English, Maths, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning.

The cost-effective alternative to hiring in a private tutor allows students and parents to track their progress, clearly highlighting areas in need of improvement. With an average tutor costing £30 an hour and a student typically needing to begin their preparation in Year 5, it is a huge expense for parents to pay out. 11 Plus Success provides parents with a far more affordable option, with three packages currently available:

Super Saver Package – £69.99 one off fee
This course gives parents and students 24/7 access to the course for one year. Covering all four required sections, the student will also receive a Certificate of Achievement upon completion.

Standard Package – £29.99 a month
Offering complete access to the 11 Plus Success course, this subscription allows parents to pay for access on a month-by-month basis and offers all of the services in the Super Saver Package.

Premium Package – £39.99 a month
Proving the same access as the previous two, the Premium Package has been designed for those students who need a little extra support and will give them access to a virtual tutor as and when required.

Anu Verma, founder of 11 Plus Success said, “Having helped dozens of students achieve a place at the grammar school of their choice, I know exactly what it takes to successfully pass the 11 Plus examinations. Unfortunately many parents are simply unable to afford a private tutor for their children, which is why I created 11 Plus Success.

I believe in the complete accessibility of education and my goal is to help students across the UK enjoy the highest quality of study resources at a fair cost.”

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