7 High Paying Jobs You Can Do from Home In 2020

Caleb Boxx (@calebboxx) is a self-educated YouTube guru who has acquired his wealth and success through millionaire mentors in the YouTube and media space. In 2016, Caleb created the YouTube Automation Model that was designed to make the life of YouTubers a little easier. The content is created and managed by a select team of high valued professional freelancers, so that the “CEO” of the channel has less time to worry about the details of each video, and more time to generate ideas and network with other content creators.  


There are many ways to make money online whether that be with YouTube or not. Here are 8 high paying jobs you can do from home in 2020. 

  1. Text Writer/ Proofreader: If you are a talented writer or have an extensive background in grammar, becoming a proofreader can be an easy way for you to make extra cash online. 
  2. Affiliate marketing: If you have a pretty big following on a social media platform, you can become an affiliate with them. What this means is that you will work with the company to bring them sales and customers. In doing so, you will receive a certain % commission per sale. 
  3. Social Media: Instagram, YouTube and Facebook: The amazing thing about making income off social media is that you have control over everything. When to post, what to post, and who your audience is all under your control. 
  4. YouTube Automation
  5. Training programs: If you have a skill set, or are willing to learn a certain skill, you can create a course and sell it online. By linking it to your social media platforms you are increasing your chances of a targeted audience buying your course. 
  6. Website building: Many companies do not want to go through the tedious work to create a website and this is why it comes in handy to possess the skills to create websites from the ground up. 
  7. Freelance video editing: Learning video editing is a skillset that is helpful in so many different ways. Whether you are creating your own YouTube channel or editing for someone else, it can both save you money when it comes to your own videos or earn you extra cash by helping someone else. 

Out of these, Caleb’s #1 is YouTube Automation. YouTube Automation gives you a desirable income and lifestyle, without having to actually make videos yourself. The YouTube channel’s creator will hire other freelancers such as video editors, script writers, and narrators to construct a well thought out and create video. The ultimate goal is to get into a YouTube niche that delivers successful viewer engagement, which in turn is 100% passive income since all the work is left for the pros that are hired by the channel’s owner. 

With over 3 million subscribers and 400 million views on multiple YouTube channels accumulated, Caleb has the expertise to help growing YouTube successes. One of his clients, Preston, has over 14 million YouTube subscribers and has acquired his stance in the world of social media due to his involvement with the YouTube Automation model.