A beauty from the lands of Argentina, Olivia Molina & her expeditions with her dog, who is her favourite travel companion

Molina’s “Chachi Boi – the travel dog” is winning hearts on the internet with his adorable pictures on Instagram.

There are no two ways about it that dogs are the best friends of a man/woman. In fact, they are considered to be the best ‘humans’ as well. They are the ones who never leave their masters no matter what & are there for them come what may, in every life expedition, at every stage of life & only have pure love to offer in return. One such adorable or let’s say “paw”dorable story today which is breaking the internet with their cuteness overload is about mommy Olivia Molina (an excellent model/entrepreneur/actress) & her favourite child Chachi Boi (famously known as the travel dog) on Instagram.

Olivia shares the story about her all-time favourite companion of life, her dog & how she managed to take him along everywhere she has been travelling across countries. The Argentinian beauty & talent had moved to Europe for work & at that point, she couldn’t take her pet along as she was only a freelancer back then & couldn’t afford to keep a pet. However, before leaving, she had promised her pet that she would soon come back & bring for him a much better life.

After Molina got settled in Europe about after a year with a good income & a house, soon she hired a company that would help her fly with her pet in the cabin from Argentina to Europe. Molina requested them to bring him to Paris where she was residing for some work during that time. As soon as he arrived, their happiness had no bounds. They decided to go to London, but there came the tricky part. The UK has strict rules regarding pets & they neither allow a person to fly with a pet in cabin nor do they allow them to travel in a Eurostar train.

This challenge made Molina take her pet via a train from Paris to Calais (about 1.5 hrs.). From here they got a taxi for themselves that allow pets, for which they charged about 1000€. With the help from the taxi, they took the Eurotunnel train, which is a train from France to the UK that travels undersea. This train took another two hours of travel with tickets costing 150€. As they reached Uk, they took another train to reach London City, which took them more two hours of travel. And, finally, from there, they took a taxi or train to arrive at Chelsea where Molina used to live then.

The dazzling model used to travel to different countries every weekend with her boyfriend & her dog. She admits that in Europe it was very easy to travel with a dog where you can put your pet in any bag & can even take them in the cabin of the plane. However, the challenge was when every time they travelled & had to be back to London, which Molina thinks used to be a nightmare for them as it came along with tons of restrictions & rules which included weighing & measuring the bag, providing a number of papers & taking the trouble of travelling in four trains.

It was then that they decided to move out of UK & shift base to South of France, to Cannes. Here, they lived like a happy family where everything was much better; her dog was more comfortable & joyful around a beautiful climate & nature. They then went to Argentina & later shifted to the US where everything with a pet is quite easy & without any hassles, says Molina.

Chachi Boi is a Yorkshire terrier & he is 9 year old handsome vegan dog who never ceases to impress people with his charming & endearing pictures on Instagram and the proof is here –

With this Instagram handle Molina posts all her travel pictures with her dog. Till now, they have travelled across many countries together like South America (all of Argentina, Bolivia, and Uruguay), USA (Manhattan, the Hamptons, North Carolina, and Los Angeles) and of course Europe where they have been to London, Manchester. In Portugal, they went to Faro and Lisbon, in Spain (Barcelona), France (Paris and the entire South of France), and in Greece (Mykonos and Santorini).

Not just this, the mommy-son duo is all set to explore many other places of the world as well & can’t wait for their next expedition together.

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