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A self-written legacy Joy R. Richardson, now a financial advisor and entrepreneur



To get into business and make what you dream off come true, you need to be patient and hardworking.

The story of this young boy who had a passion for arts and music had big dreams. Born on 13th August 1998, in a small town of South Carolina, named Summerville, Joy Richardson belongs to a military family. Being passionate about arts, music, and sports, Joy never was motivated enough to follow his passion.

Dreaming is just an easy job until you wish to make it possible. Later, Joy got a chance to move to the Island of Guam, a turning point in his life. His life was stagnant and complacent when in southern Carolina as he never got a chance and explored that much. It was in his good fate that he moved to Guam as the culture he saw was illuminating. People in their culture were the masters of their fashion, as beautiful as one can imagine. It was astonishing to see people on that small island living a life like models every day. They were poised, insanely beautiful, and till high school, a treat to watch and to learn a lot from them.

Joy was fully prepared and excelled in navy and moved to Yokosuka, Japan while in his 18’s hoping that this is something which he’ll be carrying for the rest of his life. It was going well, until the depression of not following what he wanted to, came into existence in his mind. It made him more depressed when failed relationships and unsatisfactory morale levels gave him suicidal thoughts.

Coping up with every downfall, Joy was resilient and tenacious enough to stand strong and get all the bits and pieces along to give a fresh start. It was important for him to make his daughter believe that her father was not a failure. It wasn’t easy for me to put myself back in the normal life, but I read it once that “We can’t cure the world of all sorrows, but we can choose to live in joy. We can’t stop the hardships but we can deal with that” said Joy.

Sooner, when things were well noted and understood after meeting business executives and financially savvy people, he was well acquainted with all the facts of how finance works and things to be done. This became his interest and made him literate young people and his peers about all that he knows. This made him an inspirational man to be counted upon when in doubt related to any financial investment. He’s now a countable, financial literate and influencer for the rest who follow or know him.

This all-mixed ride of life made him understand that there is a lot of need to understand few concepts and educate people about a lot of loopholes to which a lot of the population is unaware.

Mentioned by Joy, if I could go back in time with the knowledge of investing that I have now, maybe we wouldn’t have been having this conversation. In the future I plan on creating courses that will help parents, teachers, and anyone in a leadership position to easily be able to explain the ins and out of our stock market, retail investing and so much more.


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Choosing Perfect Running Shoes for Flat Feet



The modern market offers hundreds and thousands of various models for runners. Yet, not all of them are suitable for flat feet problems. Moreover, some will bring only discomfort and injuries in the future. Whether you are looking for flat feet models or peroneal tendonitis shoes, you need reliable information with tips on how to make a choice.

Even with multiple options for your flat feet problem, you still need to learn what your body requires. Not all running shoes designed for flat feet are universal and suit your particular case. No matter whether you go to the store or shop online, you have to search for specific features.

Types of Running Shoes

The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons took care of the models you need in advance. They simply divided all flat-feet running shoes into categories. You can pick one of them based on your needs. Here they are:

  • Cushioned models. These shoes are mainly helpful to anyone who is used to supinates. If you want to extend the weight on the feet outside the sides during your walk or run, you can consider such shoes. These models are great for rigid feet and high arches;
  • Models that provide stability. Such models are great for runners who need to overpronate in the first place. If you need more weight inside of the shoe than outside it, you have to buy stable shoes. If you have easy-to-collapse arches due to weak muscles, this is your choice No 1 as well;
  • Shoes with motion control. These shoes are suitable for superman on the track, yet they will benefit your flat feet too. If you severely overpronate, you might want to pick this model.

The Height From Heel to Toe

It is called the heel-to-toe drop, and it is the difference in the length from the toe to the heel of the shoe. This might not be so important for people with regular arches, but for flat feet, it is highly important. This measure affects your landing during the walk and run. The high drop will provide a heel strike. Shoes with a high drop support arch are the best. They are also stable, which is crucial for runners. Yet, if you order specific orthopedic shoes, they can also come with the low drop but extra support for each foot.


No matter which type of shoes you need, they must be comfortable. While you are running, you don’t need to think about your feet. If you feel pain and discomfort, you have to throw these shoes away. Your shoes must be soft and equipped with cushioning that will stop the foot from injury when it hits the ground if you have stiff flat feet. If you have flexible flat feet, you don’t need rigid models and have to concentrate on the arch support instead. Make sure that the model you choose doesn’t have a narrow toe since it can cause numbness. Read the comments from other users about the shoes you want to buy.

Shoes for Flat Feet Sportsmen

No matter if you are a professional runner or just an amateur who wants to stay fit, you have to be serious when it comes to choosing the proper shoes. People with flat feet usually suffer from great discomfort while walking and running. You might even give up traveling anywhere since your feet will feel pain after half an hour. Using specific shoes will solve the problem, and you will enjoy the active rest. Use the recommendations in this detailed guide on running shoes and pick the pair you want the most.

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About Dr. Eliyahu Shmuel Ben Yah



Dr. Eliyahu Shmuel Ben Yah is a Charismatic RABBI at WMEK & Hebrew Union Sephardic Lion of Judah INTL. a Highly Spirited, Anointed, Gifted Hebraic Teacher, Mentor, Founder of ESBYAH SCHOOL OF THE PROPHETS, author, book publisher, Speaker, Life & Mental Health Coach, Chaplain, EXORCIST, Prophetic Seer, National Recording Artist, T.V. & Radio, Influencer for over 35 years. A husband, Father of four, currently resides in TEXAS, USA.










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Check out the price, features, and release date of the 2022 Royal Enfield Bullet 350



The Royal Enfield Bullet 350 is without a doubt the main name in the company’s line-up and the Indian auto industry. The cruiser has been discounted with an old undercarriage and motor, which is currently due for an overhaul. Indeed, the organization is on its toes to get the 2022 Royal Enfield Bullet 350 to the market, and the launch is set to happen yesterday. The launch of the new Bullet 350 was alluded to by a mystery shared by the organization in their Instagram post. It is to be noticed that according to the mystery, the bike will be launch on 5 August, trailed by the launch of the Royal Enfield Hunter 350 on 7 August.

Price of 2022 Royal Enfield Bullet 350:

Taking into account the recently added highlights and changes the new Royal Enfield Bullet 350 is supposed to have a sticker price with expanded numbers on it. At Rs 1.47 lakh (ex-display area, Delhi), the Bullet 350 is at present the least expensive RE, albeit the lower end of that cost range is taken up by less expensive launch just varieties, which the new J-stage machine won’t offer. Thus, costs for the updated bicycle ought to be in the scope of Rs 1.7 lakh.

Hardware of 2022 Royal Enfield Bullet 350:

The J-stage utilized by the Royal Enfield Meteor 350 and Royal Enfield Classic 350 will act as the establishment for the 2022 Royal Enfield Bullet 350. Better execution and dependability are expected from the stage.

Features of 2022 Royal Enfield Bullet 350:

This 2022 Royal Enfield Bullet 350 will be upheld by a parted double-cradle frame, and it might likewise accompany various new highlights. Notwithstanding improved switchgear and an electric starter as standard, the updated bike is expected to obtain highlights like the Tripper route unit, which is a choice, and semi-computerized instrumentation like what is found on flow age RE bike.

Engine of 2022 Royal Enfield Bullet 350:

The new Royal Enfield Bullet 350 is supposed to have a similar 349 cc motor as most would consider to produce 20.2 hp of force and 27 Nm of pinnacle force. It is to be noticed that the famous bicycle has had comparable details yet this time there can be a few changes in the tunings of the new engine.

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