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Abtach Pakistan – Delivering Top Notch IT Solutions Globally



Over the years, the growth and significance of IT in the global market has considerably increased. Business organizations across the globe have understood and realized how the growth in the IT industry is helpful in taking their businesses towards success. However, looking at just the IT industry, there are a few emerging names, which are making their way towards the top quite rapidly. One of these names is none other than Abtach Pakistan.

Abtach Pakistan laid down its foundation back in the year 2014 with only 300 employees but now, after 7 short years, it employs a workforce of more than 2000 professionals, who are extremely passionate about what they do. Abtach Pakistan has its operations not only in Pakistan but in fact, in these 7 years they have managed to open up new offices in many other countries such as the United Kingdom, USA and China, giving Abtach Pakistan a chance to be recognized globally for the amazing services they provide.

Abtach Pakistan is famous for their off the charts digital marketing services across the globe. With carefully thought out marketing strategies after understanding the ins and outs of the client’s business, they launch the most effective digital marketing campaigns, which help their clients in reaching their business objectives in the most efficient manner. Other than digital marketing services, which are Abtach Pakistan’s forte, they also offer a myriad of IT solutions to brands and business organizations across the globe in every industry. Some of these services are as follows:

Video Animation Services

Abtach Pakistan offers exceptional video animation services to its clients in the most affordable prices, helping them in closing the gap between them and their target audience in the most effective way. They are known for creating exceptionally engaging content, which not only helps in creating awareness in the most comprehensive manner but also helps in giving the target audience a powerful call to action, motivating them to buy their client’s products or services.

Abtach Pakistan has put together some amazing teams of professional and extremely talented animators, which allow them to ensure the creation of highly engaging content for their clients. Clients are given the chance to enjoy 100% attention from the teams of animators, helping them in communicating their ideas in the most comprehensive way.

Ghostwriting Services

Abtach Pakistan is considered to be the hub of highly well-versed teams of award winning writers, who are both, extremely passionate and skilled, when it comes to using words to trigger the emotions and feelings of the readers. Ghostwriting services at Abtach Pakistan are not only reasonably priced but in fact, they are designed to help every individual across the planet to fulfill their wish of becoming an author. Whether you are looking to tell your life’s story to the world or if you are looking to create a highly captivating fiction novel for your readers, Abtach Pakistan has got you covered in this regard.

SEO (search engine optimization) Services

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a technique, which allows brands to make themselves more visible online in search engine results. With highly specialized personnel, Abtach Pakistan has helped countless brands in increasing their online visibility in the most effective manner.

Web Design & Development Services

When it comes to increasing your online visibility, having a website with your name on it can help you in the most effective way. The significance of having a website, which is both, designed well and provides a comprehensive outlay about your business and the products or services your business offers, is something that every business needs in these recent times. Abtach Pakistan fully comprehends this and they have put together a team of professional web designers to help brands leave a permanent mark for themselves in the cyber space.

Furthermore, Abtach Pakistan also understands that a business organization, in these times, needs a website to come off as more professional. Just think about it, have you seen a successful brand without a website with their name on it? You haven’t, isn’t that right? This is simply because no brands can successfully show their professionalism without making use of a website.

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Ford’s market cap tops $100 billion for the very first time



Ford Motor’s market value topped $100 billion for the first time ever as the automaker’s stock hit a new 52-week high Thursday.

The organization’s shares hopped Thursday by as much as 5.7% to $25.87, hitting another 20 or more year high, prior to shutting at $25.02 a share, up 2.3%. Its fairly estimated worth dropped to $99.99 billion.

The additions have been energized by Ford’s plans to build production of electric vehicles, including the Mustang Mach-E crossover and an upcoming electric version of its bestselling F-150 pickup that is expected out this spring. The efforts are part for a Ford+ turnaround plan led by CEO Jim Farley, who assumed control over the helm in October 2020.

Ford’s presently worth more than crosstown adversary General Motors, at about $90 billion, as well as electric vehicle start-up Rivian Automotive, at $72 billion, which has failed to support acquires following a blockbuster IPO in November. Ford proceeds to altogether trail Tesla, which has a market cap of more than $1 trillion.

The automaker is evaluated overweight with a value focus of $21.83 an offer, as indicated by a normal of 22 examiners arranged by FactSet. Be that as it may, not all Wall Street examiners haven’t totally gotten tied up with Ford’s turnaround.

“The stock market’s attraction to the Ford EV story continues to take us by surprise,” Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas told investors in a Thursday note called “Ford Market Cap Crosses $100bn: What’s In the Price?”

Morgan Stanley’s value focus for Ford is $12 an offer. Its bull case for the stock is $25 an offer, as indicated by Jonas.

“Ford’s share price movement is impressive and management deserve credit for changing the strategic narrative, triggering a re-rating,” Jonas said. “However, at this juncture, we believe the risks facing Ford and the sector are rising faster than the opportunity.”

Jonas refered to worries including the auto industry’s historically cyclical nature returning, challenges in scaling EV production and more competitive and engaging EVs entering the market against Ford.

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Humble Beginnings to Raising millions



Naseeb Abbas, Also known as Prince Naseeb, a dedicated humanitarian aid worker and a talented faith inspired singer has raised a staggering total of £500,000.00 together on a personal Justgiving page in addition raised an estimate of £3,000,000 collectively in a 3 year period with the generous support of his faithful following gained by the widespread appreciation of his vocal talents.

With a following of nearly 60,000 on all social media platforms collectively, Naseeb has become somewhat of a household named and this together with his transparency on social media has led to thousands of people entrusting him with their charitable donations.

In the past he has worked closely with many reputable charities, including Human Relief Foundation with whom he undertook his first deployment to Jordan in June 2017. Adam Kelwick, International Fundraiser at Human Relief Foundation has previously described Naseeb as being ‘extremely likeable and humble, despite his many talents.’

The suffering and anguish of people that he saw in Jordan has led to his deployment to several other countries including Bangladesh, Yemen, Burma and Pakistan to hand deliver aid to thousands of more people.

Naseeb is currently working with Kashmir Orphan Relief Trust (KORT), a charity which provides for the needs of hundreds of orphan children in his hometown of Mirpur, Azad Kashmir as well as serving humanity in and around Pakistan.

He plays a fundamental part in raising funds for the charity through his various social media platforms and hopes to continue working in close association with KORT to serve humanity and help provide a safe and loving environment for the children in their care.

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You have the power to shape your own luck says entrepreneur Mark Lachance



For many of us, life can feel like a never-ending cycle of hard work with little reward. Author-entrepreneur Mark Lachance’s new book “The Lucky Formula” offers a way out. In his book, he lays out the formula for attracting good fortune in both business and personal life by harnessing the power of luck. The book includes personal anecdotes and teaches readers how to use a variety of techniques such as visualization and meditation in order to attract success; all with an emphasis on keeping things positive.

With the goal of helping readers create their own luck, this book shares stories on how certain events in his past led him to unlock secrets for bringing success into one’s career path – all while revealing the misfortunes and trials he faced along the way.

Mark Lachance has been making waves in the social media marketing world for years now. He’s a pioneer of this niche, with a career that would inspire any rookie or contemporary to try their hand at entrepreneurship. His story is one that encompasses both passion and tenacity, as he has been in the trenches but always comes out on top.

His early years as a sports agent served him well, giving him insight into the world of branding and marketing. His time spent working with companies helped shape his ideas for entrepreneurship – launching multiple successful businesses under Mark’s belt including Maxy Media  the number 1 digital marketing powerhouse in Canada when it comes to monthly spend on Tiktok.

Mark was living the dream. He had it all- until he lost everything. A few bad decisions led him into debt and depression, but this man refused to give up on himself or his dreams. When Mark found out that he could no longer pay his rent, he woke up one morning with a plan to start over from scratch. That day marked the first of many days that would lead him back into success.

For anyone who is down in the dumps, don’t give up hope. You are stronger than you think. Keep fighting through life’s struggles and see it through.

And if you’re interested to see the same success and attract more luck in your life, grab a copy of his upcoming book, The Lucky Formula, and learn how you can stack the odds in your favor and cash in on success. You can start with calculating  your Lucky Score. Simply go to to calculate your ability to attract Luck and Success.

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