Andrew Fashion – Epitome Of Tenacity

Andrew Thompson grew up in Colorado, and by the time he was in high school, he found real love in three things: business, skateboarding, and adrenaline.  For Andrew, there was nothing too scary, too difficult or too menacing he could not overcome.

He transferred this drive and desire into his professional life.  He has started and closed over 25 businesses in his life, his first in the 6th grade selling soft drinks to classmates.  He has earned millions of dollars along the way, the first time at age 18, and lost it all.

Yes; Andrew has been a millionaire on more than one occasion but has lost every penny to bad spending habits and poor choices.  Many would have stopped after the first big loss and given up.  Andrew sees it another way – it is a chance to do better again tomorrow.

There was a time he had $90,000.00 in investment cash in his home, set aside for a startup company he co-founded with another.  He woke the next morning to discover $80,000.00 of it gone – stolen from him by a date he brought home the night before.

Andrew did what any normal person would do in his situation.  He found another investor – this time to the tune of $600,000.00 for the startup.

He then walked away with nothing but a dream and the clothes on his back.

Seven months later, he found a small amount of investment cash and began work on his next great concept.  This will prove to be a revolutionary new way to travel and adventure with friends and done in a way that no feelings will be hurt along the way.  The concept – Gypsee.

The projected release date is after the new year but within the first quarter and before the university spring break season opens.   Meanwhile, Andrew is silent about much more about Gypsee, preferring to let people learn for themselves. Learn more at Andrew Fashion