Artix Entertainment Unleashes The Moglinsters

When people are busy socializing with their friends and family during Halloween, what do the game enthusiasts do? They spend all day in their room playing their favorite game with a Halloween theme. These video games come with spooky backgrounds and scary filters which let the game lovers get the feel of the occasion.

If you are one of those people who love to relax and play video games all day long, you’d love the excitement the Mogloween event brings in your life. As Halloween is just around the corner, Artix Entertainment has organized an event for game lovers to keep themselves connected with the event. If you hate socializing with people and still want to add excitement in your life about the event, you’ll definitely enjoy the Mogloween event introduced by Artix Entertainment.  Artix Entertainment makes it accessible for game enthusiasts to use masks and candies from different games.

You must be wondering why is the event called Mogloween? Well, the name is inspired by an intelligent race that had magical capabilities in the world of Artix Entertainment. Moglins are capable of surviving anywhere in the world. Artix Entertainment has given them special abilities that they can deal with the tests of time. These creatures are two feet tall and have quite large and prominent ears. They also come in different colors. The females have long lashes. Other than this different feature, the male and female Moglins are the same.

You see Moglins in all the games developed by Artix Entertainment. During the event of Halloween, you see these creatures wearing different masks and having a bunch of candies to distribute They also come with giant teeth and dangerous claws. Moglins don’t have any mercy during the Halloween season.

There are different Mogloweens with different backgrounds. Dragonfable is the game that explains to you where the Mogloweens originated from. Ebil is a Moglin which supplies candies in the Halloween season.

There are different weapons and themes added to the games during the Halloween season. There are numerous masks that you can wear while defeating enemies. The Mogloween event comes with an all-new story. It brings horror and shock in the air. Moglins are deceptive beasts that are ready to look for children during the Halloween season and destroy them.

If you want to enjoy playing video games with the Moloween event, you can choose from a wide range of games developed by Artix Entertainment. Based on the theme of the game, you’ll be exposed to new weapons with new capabilities. These games are also available in the 3D version. You can have the feel of the Halloween season in a better way.

A lot of game lovers are looking forward to this event. They want to grab the chance of getting the treats and tricks the Mogloween event brings for them. Every year players get a chance to play the Mogloween games in a different way. This time they’d be exposed to new and advanced Halloween inspired weapons to defeat the enemies.