Astrologer Jade Luna predicted pandemics and economic collapse using a (rare) Ancient Greek system of astrology

On January 7, 2020, Astrologer Jade Luna predicted our current life circumstances using a rare 27 sign system of Astrology that was once used by Alexander the Great. As a matter of fact, Jade Luna claims it was once the system that all ancient cultures used including the Babylonians and the Egyptians.

The system only differed by names and titles of the sign based on location and modern Vedic and Buddhist Astrology are the only ones left that use traces of it. This system also claims that Tropical Astrology was only implored by the ancients for growing crops in the Northern Hemisphere. Tropical Astrology is an “error” Jade Luna says because the signs are created by dissecting the 4 equinoxes into 12 signs.

The first day of Aries is the first day of spring and so forth. This runs into significant issues because the Southern Hemisphere, where the seasons are opposite, would have to accept being the exact opposite sign, as the seasonal equinoxes are in reverse in the Southern Hemisphere.

Jade Luna says “this is calendar talk not astrology talk. Astrology means ’science of the stars’ and the ancients and modern sidereal astrologers use them.” He also said not to worry to western astrologers, “Western Astrology will stay because no one wants to admit that they have been wrong, ego will sustain western astrology not accuracy.”

Jade Luna has written 4 books, two on his reconstruction of Ancient Greek Astrology and two on the Goddess Hecate. He also has a large celebrity roster of clients that includes the Quincy Jones family and Luna’s career was launched at the age of 17 by actress Courtney Cox in the late 90’s. The actress Sheryl Lee from Twin Peaks wrote the foreword to one of his books.

While Jade was living in India he started translating the ‘Yavanajataka’, an astrological text written by the Greeks that ended up becoming the foundation of Modern Hindu Astrology. That previous sentence turns the whole world of Astrology upside down. So Greek Astrology became Hindu Astrology? “Yes it did” says Jade Luna, “The Greeks created the act of ‘giving readings’. Astrology was previously used by ancient cultures for worshiping gods as astrology was originally created to align with the gods that were active on various days, weeks or months. The great thing about this system is it predicts flawlessly and we get to commune with gods as well. So let’s look at Jades predictions that became public on January 7th, 2020.

(Canada Radio AM)

Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter are all moving into the dark constellation of Capricorn under a star called Natura (Uttara Ashadha) in the next month or so. This star is ruled over by Gia or “Mother Earth” and this will create massive transitions on our planet. Jade Luna goes as far as to mention that these transitions started around an eclipse on December 26th, 2019 and will last till the summer 2020 eclipse on June 21st. He said that this ecliptic period was a tag team between the goddess Hecate (The Goddess of Transformation) and the God Prometheus (God of Humanity). The combination of these deities and the heavyweight planets Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter moving into Capricorn (sidereal) conjuncting the star Natura “earth” would be too much for the planet to handle at once. “There are five big punches thrown at earth in a short period of time. Life should return to a “new normalcy” after we have been tested to the core.” The eclipse of Dec 26th, 2019 was under the star Hecate and this star is about going to the Core or root of all problems and is associated with “hard change” Jade says.
These changes would escalate through March and April and start to decline by the eclipse of June 2020 as “Hecate”, the goddess of transformation passes the torch to the humanity deity “Prometheus.”

Facebook post 1/7/20:

Since January 2017, taskmaster Saturn has been lumbering through grandiose Sagittarius, forcing us to put some structural integrity behind our outsized ideas and plans.
Saturn and Sagittarius made strange bedfellows, because Sagittarius is the sign of optimism and expansion, while stern Saturn is all about restriction and harsh reality checks. In the best cases, this blending of opposites may have reached a healthy balance. Under Saturn’s measured approach, we witnessed combustible global politics and uprisings flare up and then settle down again. Saturn in Sagittarius revealed where the core breakdowns exist and now, Saturn’s move into structured Capricorn on Jan 22 2020 could rewrite these systems entirely.

The global patriarchy could meet its limits—or press for a takeover. Both Saturn and Capricorn rule men, fathers, authority, banks, the economy, government, corporations and big industry. These are the areas that will come under scrutiny, as Saturn’s magnifying glass surveys for flaws in the foundation of leadership and large entities. Saturn also rules over industrial sites, nuclear energy, epidemics, pandemics and mystery mental illnesses, so let’s hope the world stays intact as Saturn gets full reign to flex his muscles. When you use the stars in the sky (sidereal) the actual physical results on earth are literal, including Trumps impeachment was approved on the very day Jupiter went into Sagittarius October 31st 2019. We are now watching Saturn reaching his arms out to his own sign now, and it not looking pretty already.

Saturn returns to Capricorn every 28-30 years, staying for about three years each time. Its imprint on history is indelible, tearing down outmoded structures and revealing some of the worst corruptions among world leadership. Saturn was last in Capricorn in the early 90’s.

On a positive note, Saturn in Capricorn could restore order to our out-of-control world by instituting policies that protect human rights—or dismantling laws that oppress us. Important regulations could be imposed on big businesses that are polluting our planet, causing climate change and melting polar ice caps. Saturn rules harsh lessons and wake up calls, so here’s hoping that it doesn’t take anything drastic to get this job done.