Barion McQueen’s vision The Brand Castle: Building a successful digital marketing company in less than 2 years

Social media marketing is one of the most exhilarating and most difficult fields to work in, at the moment, as any marketer will tell you. Well, not every marketer, some just do it for the money. But to be honest, it’s almost impossible to really earn in this business if you don’t feel passionate about what you do. If you don’t come away in awe of all the information you’ve learned at the end of a long day, then what are you even doing in this field?

The number one rule to digital marketing: Passion.

“You should have a strong passion for any work idea,” says entrepreneur and CEO Barion McQueen. Having founded his digital marketing company in 2012, Barion focused all his passion into growing it as fast as possible.

Applying himself to the world of social media marketing with seemingly endless perseverance, he spent the next two years tirelessly looking at new ways to grow and to create.

Because digital marketing, more than being a funnel for business growth, is a means to artistic expression. A true social media marketer is also an artist, who uses any and every digital canvas at his disposal.

The second rule to digital marketing: Risk-taking.

“You should be ready to take risks by discovering viable job opportunities,” Barion says.

According to him, digital marketing is still such a wide, unexplored ocean. It’s almost a crime to stick to the few marketing rules that we already know, for fear of making a mistake.

In Barion’s view, an entrepreneur’s greatest enemy isn’t a rivaling company, but the place he is in right now. Not moving from that place, not daring to place all your marketing hopes on an innovative idea, that’s basically entrepreneur suicide.

The third (and perhaps most important) rule to digital marketing: Flexibility & Hard Work.

“When change happens, look for an opportunity,” is Barion McQueen’s business motto, and it has proven an extremely useful one. In his long career, he has come to collaborate with some of the biggest brands out there, like Coca-Cola or Adidas.


Because he paid attention to what was going on around him, to the economic conditions of the time. Much like swimming, you need to be aware of depth and tide, so as not to drown. It is a principle that Barion applies to his work almost religiously.

Lastly, Barion McQueen credits hard work and perseverance with his entrepreneurial success.

“Work hard to know that all tasks are completed on time and efficiently,” may sound like a far too simple suggestion, but it’s a remarkably true one, if you think about it. Good organization skills as well as a strong working ethic not only guarantee your business’s success, but they also make your employees and your clients appreciate you.

That being said, Barion McQueen, author of “Why Won’t My Business Grow?”, doesn’t actually believe there is any one golden rule to success. Rather, he suggests putting your trust in creativity and finding what works best for you.