Battletech is amusing its players with a new update

BattleTech is about to amuse its players with some big updates as Harebrained Schemes announced the same at PDXCON 2019. To be specific, November 21, 2019, is the date when the Heavy Metal expansion will actually take place. BattleTech is known to share the same setting as the tabletop game BattleTech used to have.

The latest video game offers a turn-based strategy. It is funded by a Kickstarter campaign. The campaign has brought more than $2.7 million to the fans. This clearly showed that the gamers want to see some high tier goals making the way into the game. This includes the addition of the voice acting, a PvP multiplayer, and a customizable home case. It is one of the games released last year and has been one of the games that have been capable of scoring well with the critics as soon as it was released.

So it is heard that BattleTech is getting a new update called Heavy Metal. If you are already one of the players of this game then these additions will treat you really well. If you have not played it so far, then this is the right to jump into this action packed game.

The Heavy Metal expansion is brought along with the eight new mechs to this game. Seven of these are originally from the BattleTech tabletop game while one of these uses the original design. In order to know more about this one new addition, you must stay tuned. The list of these mechs includes the Archer, Annihilator, Phoenix Hawk, Rifleman, Assassin, and Vulcan. Each of these is distinct in nature and enables the players with several opportunities to try them on the battlefield and see how they will be favorable for them.

The Heavy Metal expansion will be accessible as a part of the Season Pass to all those who already own its earlier versions. If you are longing to see the trailer of the game, then it is available on Paradox Interactive’s YouTube channel. Have a look at it.

A light machine named Flea is included in the eight new Mechs. It is capable of moving a great distance across the map. Moreover, it has 100 tons of Annihilator packing a lot of firepower within its frame. These mechs will be accompanied by eight new weapon systems which include the COIL beam. It fires a ray that has been made stronger. Its strength largely depends on how far the Mech moved before taking the shot. The expansion of Heavy Metal also adds a Flashpoint campaign that pits the gamers against the two characters that are from the BattleTech series. There is also a free of cost update in the upcoming content that will be accessible on the same day as the Heavy Metal addition would be. The update will offer another two Mechsalongwith the official mod support for the overall game.

In short, if you are already a player of this game then you will be excited to see these additions. If you have not played the game so far, just pick it up and enjoy the action-packed game.