Best Free Image Optimization Tools for Image Compression

If you want to compress images and optimize them before uploading, then you need the right tools for this purpose. In this brief traction, we are going to introduce you to the right set of tools that can help you reduce the size of the image.

Optimization of images is religiously important as if you post large-sized images, then it would affect the page loading speed, which is killer for SEO and the ranking position of your site. It should be crystal to you that image optimization covers up more than 40% of the total website SEO. Below we have discussed the best image compression tools found online!

Image compressor tool by SmallSEOTools

The image compressor utility by small SEO tools is an exceptionally reliable tool to compress image size online. This free image compressor works on every browser and operating system. When you enter this photo compressor, you will see the uploading option using which you can drag images from your local storage and dropbox to compress image size online. 

You can compress images in jpg, jpeg, and PNG format. This image compressor can cater to the compression of up to twenty images in one go.

Image compressor tool by Duplichecker

The image compressor tool by Duplichecker is yet another free program that you can find online. This is a cloud-based tool, so you do not have to worry about installing it on your device. You need a good connection and a reputed browser to run this program. When you open this tool on your browser, you would see an exceptionally clean interface and a simple upload button. You can use this upload button to drag content from your local storage space. You can compress up to twenty images or 100MB of image content in one go. 

An important feature of this tool is that it gives you two different compression options. One is normal compression, and the second one is progressive!

JPEG optimizer 

This image optimizer tool can easily help you in uploading and compressing the images that are available online and are causing your page to slow down. As the name of the compressor tells us it can only compress images that are in JPEG format. The best thing about this image optimizer tool is that it allows you to resize your images before you start the compression. Resizing the image is another optimization aspect that can help you speed up your page even more. 

JPEG optimizer also allows you to set your very own optimization level, so that means you can control the quality of your image in the compression process. This is an important feature as it helps you in preserving quality while you are saving space.


This tool manages to compress images by still keeping intact the highest possible quality of the image. It is a fact that the quality of the image is compromised when you compress it. Sometimes you cannot compromise on the quality and still have to save space on your page. In this kind of situation, this tool is considered to be the best as it keeps intact the original quality while freeing up the maximum space that it can. You can easily decide how much you want to compress an image by simply noticing any significant loss in quality and resolutions.

This image compressor tool is known to be best for batch compression of images.

Image recycle

This image compressor tool is another online service that you can use on any of your devices. This tool can cater compression of all kinds of image formats including PNG, JPEG, JPG, GIF, and even PDF. You have to open the tool and use the drag and drop feature to upload large-sized images in it. After inputting you have to set the compression quality, and you are good to go. The tool comes in both free and paid versions, so it is up to you to decide which one you need, and which one suits you best. You can use this tool as a word press plugin if you want to compress and optimize images on your blog there and then!

Compress Now

This is another easy to use optimization service that can help you reduce the file size of images of every format. You have to enter the images that you have in the tool and also set the compression percentage gauge. The compression gauge helps you reduce the file size to your desired version. You can upload ten images of any size in one go with this compression application. This is a very good tool for beginners!