Björn Seiz, aka O5O, suggests a few success tips for serial entrepreneurs entering a new industry

“The path may be full of challenges, but it will be all worth it,” says the young serial entrepreneur reaching the skies in the crypto and blockchain industry.

Today, everyone wishes to reach a certain prominent position in their careers and life. Also, the fact that many new industries have emerged with innumerable opportunities for people have doubled their confidence to enter the same and have motivated them to put in everything to make it happen for themselves. However, what looks exciting is not always something that can be achieved overnight. Take the case of young serial entrepreneur Björn Seiz, aka O5O from Switzerland, who saw it all before making it this huge in the blockchain and crypto space. He did not have rich parents and sculpted a career of his choice all by himself, by failing many times and getting himself up to try again. This is how today he is seen as a leader in the vast entrepreneurial industry of the world, where his startup that he initiated in 2017 has reached the market capitalization of $4.2 billion already.

Björn Seiz, aka O5O says that a serial entrepreneur is the one who constantly comes up with newer ideas and starts new businesses. As a serial entrepreneur himself, the 29-year-old talented mind knows how difficult it is to step into the ice-cold waters of starting a business and growing it like no one has ever done it before. Hence, he has come up with a few indispensable tools to help others attain success as serial entrepreneurs.

• Surround yourself with the right people: Björn Seiz says that it is essential for entrepreneurs to be around people that can uplift them and elevate their mindsets. With surrounding oneself with the right people, entrepreneurs can develop more ideas, gain more knowledge and get motivated to think out of the box for newer ideas.
• Utilize platforms: The world is gradually getting more and more digitized, points out Björn Seiz. He says that entrepreneurs must fully utilize digital platforms like social media, etc., to keep marketing themselves and optimize the resources to create a credible profile for themselves as versatile entrepreneurs. This helps serial entrepreneurs gain equal attention from people for all their businesses.
• Get prepared for challenges: Björn Seiz himself saw innumerable hurdles on his path and suffered a failed business in his career, landing him with a debt of half a million dollars. However, he developed a thick skin and became mentally prepared to keep moving forward, no matter the odds. This helped him enter the crypto and blockchain space and the rest is history. From his life experiences, he says people must be prepared to face the challenges and come back stronger.
• Be different: The young serial entrepreneur suggests people to strive for being unique in their respective fields. This allows them to become much more confident with what they do and helps them venture into other fields as skilled serial entrepreneurs.

Björn Seiz is also well-known as an investor and a consultant who guides multi-million dollar businesses for more growth and success. He is also an author and a sought-after speaker. To gain more insights, follow him on Instagram @o5o_official.