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Cambodian catches world’s largest recorded freshwater fish Caught In Cambodia’s Mekong River



Researchers say it is the world’s biggest freshwater fish ever recorded, a stingray that weighed in at 300kg (661 lb).

Cambodian villagers on the Mekong River have gotten what researchers say is the world’s largest freshwater fish at any point recorded, a stingray that weighted in at 300kg (661 lb) and took around dozen men to haul to shore.

Christened Boramy – meaning “full moon” in the Khmer language – due to her bulbous shape, the four-meter (13-foot) long female was released back into the river after being electronically labeled to permit scientists to monitor her movement and behavior.

“This is exceptionally thrilling news since it was the world’s largest fish,” said biologist Zeb Hogan, ex-host of the “Monster Fish” show on the National Geographic Channel and presently some portion of a conservation project on the river.

“It is also exciting news because it means that this stretch of the Mekong is still healthy…. It is an indication of trust that these colossal fish still live (here).”

Boramy, netted last week off Koh Preah, an island along the northern Cambodian stretch of the river, took the record from a 293 kg giant catfish that was caught upstream in northern Thailand in 2005.

The Mekong has the third-most diverse fish population in the world, as per its River Commission, though overfishing, pollution, saltwater intrusion and sediment depletion have caused stocks to plummet.

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Langford Jones Homes collapses: construction industry crisis in Australia, owners living in limbo



Somewhere around 65 property holders are in an in-between state as another Victorian house manufacturer falls under tension from development costs, production network postponements and work deficiencies.

Family-claimed Langford Jones Homes is in liquidation, owing 250 leasers more than $10 million.

The developer has projects in Melbourne’s bayside and south-east rural areas and in Phillip Island.

Langford stopped exchanging last Thursday and designated RSM Australia accomplices Jonathon Colbran and Richard Stone as outlets.

Stone said all mortgage holders had been informed of the manufacturer’s breakdown and been given admittance to their property and had their keys returned. “They’re all at various phases of consummation. There are various new mortgage holders who have paid stores. They should go through the liquidation cycle and present a case,” Stone said.

The organization’s breakdown is one more indication of an industry wavering towards emergency.

Administrators the nation over are under pressure, with high-profile organizations, for example, Metricon Homes battling and top-level development firms like Probuild falling.

Landford’s destruction follows another Victorian manufacturer, Snowdon Developments, going into willful organization last week leaving 550 homes incomplete. Snowdon has 262 lenders who are owed $17.8 million.

Before it fell, Snowdon Developments was a normal of 39 days late on paying lenders, as per CreditorWatch, an Australian credit revealing organization. The business normal for late installments is multi week.

CreditorWatch information likewise shows the Essendon-based organization has no less than three extraordinary default obligations to a skip container supplier, a material organization and a destruction firm totalling more than $255,000 – with court activity sent off by the destruction organization last month.

The organization has had north of 631 credit requests in the beyond a year alone.

Australia’s development costs spiked throughout recent months, driven by expansion, financial upgrade and production network difficulties.

Huge framework projects, the private development blast, flooding transport costs and expanded strain on cargo and dependability consolidated to drive increments across all critical material and staffing markers throughout recent months, as per information from worldwide expert administrations firm Turner and Townsend and business office CBRE.

However, in uplifting news for home manufacturers and the development area all the more comprehensively, costs ought to top this year and moderate one year from now.

“Most expense accelerations have now been incorporated into project estimating, especially for building materials, and further cost increments will be more unobtrusive,” CBRE’s head of examination Kate Bailey said.

“While production network postpones will persevere, enhancements are normal in mid 2023 with cost increments from the following year onwards to be to a great extent driven by higher pay costs,” Bailey said.

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Robert Irwin dating American actress Emmy Perry as they spend time together at Australia Zoo



Robert Irwin, the adolescent child of late Australian progressive Steve Irwin, is apparently dating his long-lasting companion Emmy Perry.

Emmy, 17, is an American actress, creature government assistance supporter and beneficiary to a videogame fortune worth an expected $380million.

The Glee star streamed to Queensland last month to invest energy with Robert, 18, whom she has known beginning around 2019.

Emmy has been sharing photographs on Instagram of the pair at Australia Zoo, and furthermore posted a video of them returning a turtle to its natural habitat.

Robert Irwin might be off the market.

It appears he is dating long-term companion, actress Emmy Perry, as per reports.

The two have been connected for various years, yet Perry as of late visited the nation, investing energy at Australia Zoo with Irwin.

They were first seen together in 2019 when they partook in a day out Disneyland and went to the Steve Irwin Gala Dinner in Los Angeles.

As of late, Perry posted various Insta snaps showing her with creatures at Australia Zoo, and a video where she watched Irwin return a restored turtle to the sea.

“So honoured to have been a part of Turtelee McTurtle Face’s return to his home after his lifesaving care at Australia Zoo Hospital! Happy trails sweet guy,” she composed.

Irwin answered: “So fun!”

The rumours come after Iwrin showed up in a glamourous photoshoot for Stellar Magazine.

The most youthful Irwin has graced the most recent edition of Stellar where he prodded that he’s the most classy Irwin.

“I’ve actually become known as the fashionable Irwin,” Irwin kidded.

“Assuming my family were here, they’d be giving me some intensity from it. They like to kid about my ‘shants’ or short pants. However, I figure we can affirm that shants are stylish, right?”

The protectionist likewise focused on his father and his effect on the world.

“My father wasn’t precisely a fashion icon, however he was notable simply in the way that he made khaki cool,” Irwin said.

“I feel a fantastic deep satisfaction when I put my khaki uniform on in the first part of the day and it feels typical – more ordinary than whatever else I wear.

“Since it’s my ordinary and I feel this association with father. I feel this association with my family and this feeling of direction. Design can do that. It’s enabling.”

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