CBD Review: Picking a CBD Variety and Finding a CBD Restaurant

There are hundreds of CBD varieties and companies like West Coast Ventures Corp (OTC: WCVC) are leading a wave of innovation that is making cannabis investors’ mouths water

As CBD is becoming more popular, there are plenty of ways you can utilize it, depending on your needs. It comes in all forms: cannabis oil, e-cigarette cartridges, cookies and even ice cream and ice tea with cannabis. With or without THC, to vaporize, in seeds, in oil or in the form of cream or wax, you can consume it: smoke it, cook it, vaporize it, or inhale it.

You can even go out for a CBD-infused meal, as some businesses, such as West Coast Ventures (OTC: WCVC) opened restaurants with permanent CBD menus. The company uses CBD sachets to infuse their food: burgers, pizza and iconic Illegal Brands CBD water. The two Illegal Burger fast-casual dining restaurants in Denver have been hugely successful (being currently on pace to exceed $700,000 and $1million in sales in 1 year of operations), and so is Illegal Pizza restaurant in Lauderdale, Florida (on track to exceed $750,000).

For more domestic purposes, you can choose from all the other forms CBD comes in. Here we try to disentangle some of them.

Hemp oil

Perhaps the most well-known form of cannabis derivative is oil. A small drop under the tongue and the substance is quickly ingested by your body. So you quickly feel the effects. This is a good way to consume cannabidiol if you don’t like or can’t swallow tablets.

To consume your CBD oil, you can either put a few drops under your tongue or mix it with food. It is also sold as an oral spray. Absorption is fast and discreet.

The flowers

The most common way to consume the product is to inhale it in cigarettes, pipe or bong. You will feel the effects more quickly than if you swallowed them, they are almost immediate. But even without the nicotine from tobacco, smoke is harmful to your lungs. With texture, taste and smell, this CBD form is the one that most closely resembles weed. The difference is that you will experience the relaxing effect, but without getting high.

There are also other less known forms of CBD. The product is available in: creams, waxes or crystals.


Crystals are one of the purest forms of CBD, with its concentration of nearly 98%. They are packaged in the form of a powder, which resembles icing sugar. Crystals are mainly used in e-liquids. Crystals dissolved in e-liquid represent one of the most versatile and cheapest ways to consume CBD. However, be careful with the dosages, you will have to be precise. Alternatively, you can dilute them in oil or butter, to make cakes or cookies.

CBD wax

If you are a newbie to the world of cannabidiol and other cannabis derivatives, you may not be aware of all the possibilities that the substance offers. In addition to creams and ointments, you can also find your CBD in wax form. For wax, your CBD is mixed with a solvent, with a proportion reaching up to 98%.

This is an increasingly popular form, mainly because of high concentration of CBD. In short, you need a smaller amount of wax to achieve the desired result. Waxes are available in different types. How to consume CBD wax? By inhalation, which is called dabbing, in spray or even by integrating it into your food. You can also apply it externally, i. e. as a cream, and it will have a little stronger effect than your hemp hand cream from the Body Shop, that’s for sure.

Cannabidiol cosmetics

Like the edible forms of CBD, cannabidiol cosmetic products do not contain THC and therefore do not cause psychotropic effects either. You apply ointments and balms directly to your skin to feel their anti-inflammatory, nourishing, relaxing or anti-sebum effects. The products are now available in infinite variations: shower gel, body lotion, lip balms, anti-ageing oil. Additionally, CBD oil is a vegan alternative! It easily replaces beeswax in the manufacture cosmetics.

Body Shop is one of the most famous brands that have been integrating hemp into its beauty products for a long time. But more and more brands are also surfing the wave: Milk Makeup recently released a mascara that gives a whole new meaning to the expression “High Volume”. In France, Ho Karan also makes vegan and eco-friendly products, with a little extra touch.

CBD for cats and dogs: how to give CBD to your pet?

Cats, dogs, horses and other pets, cannabidiol is not only for their humans. This non-psychoactive product can also be beneficial to your best friend. It is proven that CBD can ease pain and has a mild relaxing effect. If you want to help your unwell pet, the best way would be to use oils or extracts without THC and from industrial hemp. There are also many brands that produce CBD products for pets, so be sure to ask your vet about them.