Chansanith Um – One of the young entrepreneurs from Cambodia

In today is the era of business and entrepreneurship. People tend to invest in those things and the power of social media has no limits. Built a proper strategy is a very important thing.

Chansanith Um is a 25 year old Entrepreneur, a digital marketer who is running a social media management agency. The business includes Facebook page management, Instagram, TikTok and also the handling of the clients.

Chansanith is one such example who is perfect in the social media business and is helping many foreign clients to grow with that field. In a conversation about how to survive on the internet, Chansanith said, “Brand building is really important to grow a business”. Chansanith and his team work to provide new ideas to clients so that they can build the Facebook page, Instagram and official website.

As the young entrepreneur and digital marketer, Chansanith Um also well known as an administrator behind of Facebook Page 1.6 Million followers from around the world. Also, he has managed many popular Facebook Page in his country.

Through his lifestyle, Chansanith loves his family a lot and he is an entrepreneur guy who is healthy with his brain and body.