Charity begins at home. Servanity was recently asking for bags of old clothes to send to orphanages in Africa

On social media artist Servanity was recently asking for donations of old clothes that are still in good condition that she could send to Africa. 

“Charity begins at home, and nowhere is more home than the motherland that my ancestors were stolen from”. Servanity continues to say “rather than simply donate money blindly I felt to actually take the time to be more personal by visiting Ghana and the orphanage which we were donating too”. 

Servanity visited Ghana with 15 of her family members where she performed at a small concert. The proceeds from the concert went to the orphanage. 

The aim of the trip was to raise finance for the orphanage, raise awareness to some of the more brutal living conditions in Ghana, and essentially to let the orphaned children know that there are people who do want to help improve the living conditions they face.

More recently this charity work has continued as Servanity’s mum took a trip to Uganda to build international networks and support those less fortunate. Servanity and her mum still regularly donate clothes to Africia and still welcome anyone with old clothes to donate and support the cause.

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