Creating milestones as a top leader in the information security field is Saud Bin Ahmed

The number of international certificates and diplomatic honours Ahmed has earned over the years can be attributed to his interminable efforts and hard work to protect his nation from cybercrimes.

In nations when the question is about the safety of people, whether at national issues or issues related to electronic breaches, malware, online threats, etc. every country puts in their best efforts to help combat all these things and make their nation safe and secure from all sides. UAE is one nation that has produced innumerable talents in the field of information security, but a few rare gems have stood apart from others and have proved their duty, responsibility and their love for the nation to protect the people and homeland. Topping this list of cyberpreneurs in the UAE is Saud Bin Ahmed who through his unending efforts has taken cybersecurity to much greater heights, saving families from getting dismantled through exposure to extortion cases and outside hackers that try to penetrate their devices.

The kind of cybersecurity knowledge and expertise that Ahmed has today which has allowed him to be one amongst the leaders in the nation in the information security field can also be attributed to his early inclination towards the technical world at the naive age of only 13. He worked upon an electronic software and put continuous efforts in carrying out experiments and research, which added a lot to his knowledge from an early age. A few years later, as a passionate youngster, he even detected several gaps in over 4000 computers in UAE.

Looking at the expertise and passion with which Ahmed grew as a professional in information security, in the year 2011, he received the opportunity to work with the President of the Arab Parliament, His Excellency Ahmed bin Muhammad Al-Jarwan, where Ahmed very successfully took care of his technical matters and solved them. He became the first-ever youngster and individual who served his country by dismantling the ransom virus, which had hid at the back of the emblem of UAE’s Ministry of Interior.

Ahmed always wished to go beyond the ordinary professionals and hence, even began with educating people about cybersecurity and electronic breaches, and made the society more aware of electronic blackmail, corrupt media circulations, fabricated pictures, etc. all over the world. As a certified ethical hacker gaining a degree from the United States of America and being in the industry for the past 19 years, Ahmed like a high-performing technical professional has been serving the people, the Arab community and his nation as a whole.

He has even shared his expertise and knowledge about cybercrimes and cybersecurity through articles in newspapers. All through these years, Ahmed has stood like a wall protecting his nation from any kind of electronic threats, extortions and crimes, etc. and this has helped him earn diplomatic honours and certificates which also prove his expertise and competency as a leader in the information security field.