D.Beezy Talks About His Future In Music

D.Beezy gives us some insight as to what’s on the horizon for him and his music

As of recently, D.Beezy has been releasing music pretty steadily with singles such as “I Told Y’all”, “Tick Tock”, “That’s That” and more. We caught up with him recently to talk about what’s to come and D.Beezy was kind enough to let us in on the future and what the blueprint seems to be while moving forward. We asked D.Beezy what we could expect with 2019 closing and 2020 opening its arms for us.

He said he plans to hit the ground running, stating “Yeah man, we are about to release the new music video for I Told Y’all which we plan to have a website premiere it for about a week before if possible and have the video later released on my VEVO channel which is synced with my official YouTube, so be sure to subscribe and turn on notifications so you don’t miss it. We will also be planning other music videos moving forward as well.” We asked D.Beezy if we could expect an album going forward for 2020 and he said “Honestly, I have just been focusing on releasing good content consistently. That was something ThaBlakSmith (D.Beezys Producer) had talked about but we ultimately came up with just releasing an EP as well as a free mixtape on Spinrilla. I just don’t feel like releasing a full album as an independent artist is beneficial for me right now at this point in my career.”

So we may not be getting a full album from D.Beezy but it seems we will be getting a couple of different options. When we asked about how many songs will be on the EP, D.Beezy said: “I want to shoot for 6-8 on the EP and I think we have like 8-10 for the mixtape, we’ve been putting in work.” D.Beezy then went on to say that he was currently away for the last month as he has been replacing studio equipment and spending time with family for the holidays. When asked about how soon we can expect new music, he smirked and said “Man, I’m going to be giving yall something this week. It’s called “Track Meet” and its the first song I recorded on the new equipment and the last song for the Mixtape before we start on the EP.”

It looks like we have a few things to look forward to as 2020 unfolds.
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