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Diluted Cannabis Oils Demonstrate Problems Facing the CBD Sector



Diluted Cannabis oils in Argentina demonstrate the risks of buying CBD online, the solution could lie with companies like West Coast Ventures Corp. (WCVC) and their Illegal Brands CBD offering at physical restaurant locations.

There is a problem in the state of Argentina. Seven out of ten samples of cannabis oil that arrives at the laboratory of the Faculty of Biochemical Sciences of the National University of Rosario has a low cannabinoid content. This compound is what generates the therapeutic effects of CBD oils low content makes them ineffective.

This problem is prevalent globally and the study in Argentina highlights the risks of purchasing CBD online, or from unknown retailers. This is where companies like West Coast Ventures Corp. (WCVC) step in. The company is America’s first CBD restaurant stock and is dedicated to normalizing the use of CBD through education and high quality products.

All of the company’s Illegal Burger and Illegal Pizza restaurant locations stock Illegal Brands CBD sachets & water. The company takes the same approach to its CBD as it does to its food. Only high quality, sustainable products are utilized. This educational brick and mortar approach could help mitigate the threat posed by low quality, heavily diluted, CBD products sold online.

A serious problem for patients & health conscious users

The GC/MS (Gas Chromatography with Mass Spectrometry) laboratory of the Faculty of Biochemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences of the National University of Rosario (UNR) began to receive preparations from patients with low cannabinoid content. Seven out of ten samples of cannabis oil that arrive at this laboratory have a low content of cannabinoids, the compounds that generate therapeutic effects.

The presence of extremely diluted oils had already been detected by biochemists at the GC/MS (Gas Chromatography with Mass Spectrometry) laboratory of the Faculty of Biochemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences of the National University of Rosario (UNR). However the problem become worse over the course of 2019 as more patients sent in samples of the products that they consume to treat illnesses like rheumatism, arthritis and other types of pain; generally without any other medical accompaniment.

Last February, the Faculty of Biochemistry begin to offer to analyze cannabis oil for medicinal use with the aim of bringing key information to the community guaranteeing the right to know what is consumed. The information provided by this analysis is unique in Argentina.

The faculty was already experienced in conducting these tests. Two years ago, through a UNR linkage project, trials were started with the purpose of understanding what type of oils the population consumed and to make a pharmacotherapeutic follow-up of the patients. The samples arrived only through the Pharmacotherapy Optimization Unit (UOF) and cannabis organizations.

The analyses offered are confidential, only identified with a code, and the results are received by mail. Users of the service can voluntarily complete an anonymous questionnaire that asks if the oil was acquired in the formal or informal market, if it is of national, international or home-produced origin; if the plant used or the way of extraction is known and, finally, the ailment for which it is consumed, if it is part of a medical treatment regime and how many drops they take per day.

The service processes an average of 40 samples per month, mostly from the illicit market. The test determines the concentration of two important cannabinoids: CDB (with a significant medicinal benefit) and THC (more psychoactive). The level of CBD or THC in a product determines whether the oil is therapeutic, or merely a placebo.

“A plant has a variation in its content and concentration depending on its genetics, according to where it is cultivated and in what way, the climate -whether there was sun or rain-; then the procedure of extraction, harvesting, manipulation and elaboration of the oil (the preparation and if it was diluted)” explained the biochemist Mónica Hourcade, chief and responsible for the service. “They are all determining conditions, so the same grower can have different results over and over again. And when he prepares the sample to be sent to this laboratory, that protocol also has an impact on the result of the analysis.”

The Results

“The experience of these months allows us to draw two conclusions: we see many samples with very low concentrations, much more than those we saw in the oils brought to us by the growers’ organisations. The samples that circulate commercially on the black market, in general, are quite diluted. And we also see that there are many people who consume the oils and do not have any advice or supervision from the doctor” explained the Dean of the Faculty of Biochemistry, Esteban Serra.

Of the samples received at the faculty since the service opened, 70 percent showed they had less than one milligram of either of the two cannabinoids per milliliter of oil. Two years ago the percentage of oils with low cannabinoid content was 40 percent. One milligram per milliliter is a low percentage. In general, oils are more concentrated. Those produced in Chile, for example, have four milligrams (3 of CBD and 1 of THC), and Charlotte’s Web oil has 50 milligrams of CBD.

If the studies in Argentina demonstrate anything it is that the regulations surrounding CBD oils are still severely lacking. Users shouldn’t purchase oil from unknown brands, no matter how good the deal seems. Instead they should look to companies like Charlotte’s Web and West Coast Ventures Corp. for a legitimate product.

Hannah Barwell is the most renowned for his short stories. She writes stories as well as news related to the technology. She wrote number of books in her five years career. And out of those books she sold around 25 books. She has more experience in online marketing and news writing. Recently she is onboard with Apsters Media as a freelance writer.

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Real Estate Mogul Mike Oddo’s Genius Pivot After Lost Market Share



From humble beginnings to scaling his brokerage to a yearly seven figure business at 26, Mike Oddo’s feats were phenomenal. Most entrepreneurs know, the market is a constantly evolving creature. As fate would have it, real estate mogul Mike Oddo, discovered this first hand when to his dismay he realised his precious brokerage was losing market share to a competitor in the early 2010s.

The competitor had recently begun using a software allowing for an unusual advantage in the marketplace. Mike however, was not too worried as he’d anticipated a need for such a software and had begun his own development of one. This only confirmed his sususpion and pushed Mike to go pedal to the metal and make his platform usable for his brokerage. That he did and he would soon reclaim his position as the undisputed champion in the real estate space.

Spotting opportunities, Mike knew that the proprietary tech stack he and his team developed had some serious potential to catch the market by the storm. “As a seasoned real estate veteran, I knew one thing. Booking meetings with prospects was a real pain, and I had always hoped that there would be an easier way to go about conducting real estate sales.” – Mike Oddo.

A sequence of events led Mike to have a chance encounter with the brother of a former employee who was actively involved in selling Yellow Page subscriptions. He proposed to the experienced salesman a potential deal where the salesman would sell Mike’s software in return for a generous commission, a deal would be made and that month Mike Oddo would see $20,000 in subscription sales for his proprietary system.

Mike’s subscription service would go on to be named “Market Maker Leads” – a U.S based software platform for real estate agents that generates real estate leads, nurtures leads, builds your authority and status, delivers those leads as prepositioned appointments™ directly to your calendar. Everything is done for you for a set monthly cost.

Now with proof of concept that agents like and see returns with his platform, Mike made the decision to sell his brokerage for what we would imagine was a handsome amount and Found Market Maker. Since 2012 Market Maker has ushered a new era of convenience and innovation in the real estate market.

Naturally, with the next level convenience offered by Market Maker, Mike’s company has become one of the fastest growing privately held companies in America with a very positive trajectory that we look forward to seeing play out.

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Entrepreneur and marketing guru, George Elia, has been consistently behind the scenes pushing buttons behind some of the largest brands/name on social media.



Originally from Lebanon, began his industry rise dating back in 2017, where he was a key member and mentor for some record labels,
George, was influential to the development of several artists on the label, along with many others, helping guide and support careers of artists like, Diego money , Doe Boy, Guap Tarantino, Trap Manny, and many more.
Executive to Marketing Guru and Branding Expert.
George, has been apart and responsible for bringing some of the best new products and entertainment to the eyes of Millions of social media users.
.“We’ve perfected our system, and the results prove it”

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The Importance of Pocket Your Dollars Money Solutions and Expert Financial Advice



You may earn a lot of money, but when it comes to investment, not everyone knows the ins and outs of their overall finances. This is where Pocket Your Dollars money solutions come into picture. Read on to understand why financial advice from experts like them is necessary.

There is a thought “Only rich people need financial advice from experts”, but it’s not true. Financial advice from experts is very important if you have a growing business or even a start-up because expert financial advisors have good experience and knowledge in the field. Their experience helps you to build and protect your assets. There are many such services that you can hire. To make your investments fully secured for a longer period it is very beneficial to take financial advice from experts. Here are 5 rewarding reasons to get financial advice from experts.

  1. For Your Family’s Protection

The very first financial planning one has to decide is life insurance. There are many life insurance plans available in the market. Some are very good, while some are average and some are ideal. The main reason why there are many options is because there are various such life situations. Since every individual situation is different, an expert can tell you which life insurance policy perfectly fits your needs. 

Each life situation is different, for example, you are single or married, you are retired, or have a young family. They can help you find appropriate plans. They carefully study your life situation and provide the best feasible options for you and your family.

  • Plan for Saving and Spending

For building assets, you require long-term security. At first, you have to pay for your emergencies and then for holidays and luxuries, as it doesn’t make any sense if it was the other way around. Step one should be to start saving and controlling your spending habits. You should be free from debts. You can check out Pocket Your Dollars and hire them to help you clear your debts with proper planning. Step two is to plan the saving patterns to build a wealthy lifestyle efficiently and effectively. The financial expert understands your whole situation properly and guides you through the right path towards a victorious future.

  • Secure Your House

Purchasing a house is the costliest decision you ever take in your life. Financial experts often help you save many thousands of dollars and wait for the best time when the interest rates are best for you so that you’ll never have to borrow few dollars from here and there when you are purchasing a house.

  • Investment Goals

Many Americans think about early retirement.Whatever your goals are, a financial expert advises you accurately to evaluate what can be possible. After that, the expert creates an effective plan for you to achieve your investment goals.

  • Peace of Mind

If you are searching for a financial solution on the internet and doing all the work by yourself, then it can cost you time. To find the optimal solution, you have to study each aspect. Since the financial expert can do it in no time, you have peace of mind.

It doesn’t matter how much money you have or how old you are, you need a financial expert to ensure a secure financial future.

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