Dr. Abishek Colaco who is famous as the founder of Media Network

Due to his content & hardwork, is the leading Digital Marketer of India right now.He started his journey as a physiotherapist recently graduated from the prestigious manipal university and is currently working at FC GOA. His journey of becoming a Digital Guru is fascinating.

Dr. Abishek Colaco ( blessed with so many things, and today you will read the top five qualities of your Favourite Digital Marketer.

1.) Dr. Abishek Colaco a Great engaging speaker: Dr. Abishek Colaco is excellent in communication and fast learner & executor, and that has helped him become the top most engaging speakers. His audiences always love his seminars on Digital Marketing. Dr. Abishek Colaco good sense of humour and his knowledge has made him a powerful Speaker and right now he is the best Speaker of India when it comes to Digital Marketing Content.

2.) Great Content creator: Content doesn’t mean long paragraphs and writing you need good images, videos, podcasts and all to make your content quality good and better than your competitors. His material is always good for knowledge and very engaging too. He is an active social media user who shares knowledge with his excellent content, images and videos, to keep people busy with his posts.

3.) Super Fast at Execution on New Ideas: To remain on top is not easy; you have to be right in every department.Dr. Abishek Colaco always comes with new things, and he executes with proper planning. He feels never be late to come up with new stuff and try new something new to battle out your competitors.

4.) Making every second Productive: Dr. Abishek Colaco feels our world is moving faster than we think. So be innovative, smart in implementing things and try to use every movement of your life with new ideas and good things to achieve success in life.

5.) As a Digital Marketer: Dr. Abishek Colaco  (24), and he is a super fit guy with a perfect physique. Dr. Abishek Colaco feels always find time for yourself and try to remain healthy. If you are healthy, your mind will help you give good ideas, and if you have the presentable personality it adds extra points to your work as people will love talking to you and why not its 21st century you need to be useful in every department.

These are the qualities of Dr. Abishek Colaco which makes him better than others in the Market, he is smart, handsome and blessed with a super creative-mind.