Easy Trick to Lets You Watch YouTube Video without ads

Watching or seeing advertisements is a piece of the web, in any case. It’s the means by which the entirety of this (frequently) free substance is paid for. Yet, look, we get it that you may not generally need to see a 15-second promotion before that YouTube video or perhaps you went through your number of free peruses at that media source that has a paywall. With the most straightforward stunt ever, you can sidestep advertisements, at any rate until everybody makes sense of an approach to patches it.

Found by the r/webdev subreddit, specifically hurling a period into a URL can trick a few sites and YouTube into letting you see content without seeing advertisements. It has to do with substance and advertisement facilitating – and I’m no web engineer so I’m not going to attempt to clarify it – however it works this way.

YouTube No Ads Trick

  • In the event that you go to our most up to date video on the Android 11 Beta and aren’t a YouTube Premium endorser, you’ll like see an advertisement:
  • Be that as it may, in the event that you go to this form of the URL, where we put a period soon after the .com, you shouldn’t perceive any:

See that? It’s insane basic and should chip away at both portable and work area, however you may need to compel the work area mode when on versatile to get it to work. Furthermore, once more, you may even discover (for the present) that it deals with locales that have a paywall, contingent upon how their advertisement framework is arrangement with their site.

No doubt about it hurl a period after .com and you may get YouTube and different sites without any promotions.