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Elvis Gjeci: Training Alongside Jury Chechi ‘A Dream Come True’



Inspiration is one of the necessities to excel throughout everyday life. With no inspirational power, it gets hard for one to be in their best form. At the point when we say wellness, inspiration comes from the inside and even from individuals. Elvis Gjeci, an exceptionally energetic individual through his wellness is appropriately enlightening energy in everybody’s life.

The social media star with over 40k followers on Instagram recently joined hands with Jury Chechi, who is a renowned Italian gymnast. The duo collaborated through a live training session, which inspired many of their fans. Elvis quoted it as one of the most prominent days of his life as he got to share the screen with his idol and legendary gymnast. Jury has always stepped up to inspire young minds to grasp their eyeballs in fitness and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

“It was a fruitful experience, and we did an intense one-hour workout. Right from stretching to strengthening the skills of artistic gymnastics, the training session was a learning experience”, said Gjeci.

As a child, Jury was his idol, and sharing screen alongside the olympic champion was something Elvis always dreamt of.

“I want to become like the legendary Jury Chechi. Even after crossing his 50s, he is so fit and inspires every young blood to remain fit and lead a healthy lifestyle.”

Moreover, Elivs Gjeci, 26, is a former artistic gymnast with an experience of 15 years. He was recently part of a Netflix project directed by Sylvestor Stallone himself. The young blooded fitness enthusiast wants to make the world healthier and this is something his every single video resembles to the fans. If you are a fitness freak and someone who is wanting to adopt a healthy lifestyle, you can check out his Instagram for impeccable tips and unique workout sessions suitable for all.

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Dom Singh shows the tricks to that Hourglass shape for women!



Assuming that you’re a woman attempting to build up muscle quickly , these easy tips are able to take you to your targets. Due to the fact that acquiring lean muscle mass quickly demands adjustments to both your exercise and diet regimen, take into consideration a resistance workouts program which works all your primary muscle groups as well as a diet plan which results in muscle building. Dom Singh states that many of his female clients are first hestitant to come forward, however, whenever they get in the groove of things, they drop size and shape instantly! Dom Singh provides online training, targeting south Asians. He states, for ladies, there are 3 tricks!

  1. Tailor Your Training

Weight training boosts women’s bodies to generate more significant quantities of these particular two hormones, enabling you to acquire muscle mass a lot more quickly in comparison to various other forms of workout. You have to pick a training to alter to your body.

  1. Its quality over quantity when it comes to reps!

This particular workout consists of utilizing reasonably heavy weights and also carrying out sets of two to eight repetitions. A shorter amount of reps by having a heavier weight improves both the quantity as well as size of the muscle threads, bring about even more lean physical body mass. This forces the muscles to the point of fatigue boosts testosterone release and also raises microtrauma of the muscle threads. Microtrauma entails small rips in the muscle cells, and your body system is going to react by fixing and switching out the ruined fibers with stronger as well as larger tissue.

  1. Use Sarcoplasmic Hypertrophy

By having sarcoplasmic hypertrophy, you take part in cycle workouts with 12 to 15 reps per workout and a minute or less of relaxation in between sets. Select three or four workouts and do them back-to-back. A number of the more reliable workouts consist of incline dumbbell chest press and also chest fly, bench dips as well as dumbbell side raises. This particular form of workouts does not trigger muscle exhaustion, yet rather boosts the body system to generate a lot more growth hormonal agent for muscle building.

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How Coffee treats Puffy Eyes



Coffee is nature’s energy drink. Just a cup of coffee in the morning makes you feel energised and ready to take on the day. But did you know that coffee can provide similar benefits to your skin, when used externally?

The skin of your under eye area is much thinner than the rest of your face. This means that collagen in this area breaks down much faster and the skin loses its elasticity, making signs of ageing like wrinkles and fine lines appear faster. Moreover, this area is very vulnerable to sun damage and blue light damage because of its delicate nature. Any kind of stress is reflected on the under eyes and they tend to puff up, making you look dull and tired.

Incorporating a coffee based eye cream can help you target this puffiness and make sure your under eyes are taken good care of. Rich with caffeine, coffee has diuretic properties and helps awaken your skin, just like it helps energise your body when you consume it. Every morning and night, take a pea sized amount of eye cream and very gently tap it along your under eyes, without rubbing or dragging. Choosing the right eye cream for you can be difficult, so we’re here to do the hard work for you. Here are some of the best under eye cream that help reduce puffiness.

  1. MCaffeine Naked & Raw Coffee Under Eye Cream

Enriched with pure arabica coffee, this is the best eye cream to target puffy eyes. It contains zero added fragrance and smells like a fresh cup of coffee. Also, it’s super affordable and comes with a hygienic pump dispenser. What’s not to love?

  1. The Moms Co. Natural Vita Rich Under Eye Cream With Coffee Oil Vitamin

This is the best for beauties on the go because it has a convenient roll-on applicator. It is free of silicones, and contains coffee oil to help reduce puffiness and dark circles so you can look like you’ve been getting a good night’s sleep.

  1. Mamaearth Under Eye Creme With Cucumber & Coffee For Puffy Eyes

Combining the energy boosting effects of coffee and the soothing effects of cucumber, this one comes with the best formulation to diminish any signs of stress. It also contains white lily extract which maintains skin elasticity and reduces eye bags.

  1. WishCare Collagen Boosting Under Eye Cream For Dark Circle, Puffy Eyes & Wrinkles – Coffee & Almond

This unique formulation brings together nourishing ingredients like hyaluronic acid and almond milk, and powerful ingredients like coffee, vitamin C and retinol. So, it makes sure that skin is pampered while it tackles puffiness and fine lines.

  1. The Derma Co. 5% Caffeine Under Eye Serum For Dark Circles & Puffiness

One of the best for sure if puffiness if your enemy, this product has a lightweight, serum consistency which gets absorbed easily. Caffeine, retinol and hyaluronic acid help depuff the under eyes while providing moisture.

Check out Cosmetics Arena to know more about the benefits of coffee and also the most budget-friendly under eye creams.

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A flurry of activity led by ‘Pioneer of Indian bio hacking’ Dr. Sajeev Nair marks ‘World Health Day’ at Vieroots



As a health-tech startup, World Health Day is one of the most important days for Vieroots Wellness Solutions. A young but fast-growing hub of innovation, Vieroots celebrated World Health Day with elan, especially by educating the public on the importance of taking charge of their health. Vieroots also has done deep research into Health in Covid times and found out that Covid has made 84% of people highly conscious about health and ‘Personalization of Health’ skyrocketed amidst the crisis.

The flagship Vieroots’ event of the day was a live video interaction that Vieroots Founder & Chairman Sajeev Nair had with Dr. Priti Nanda who is one of India’s leading functional medicine experts. The well-attended interaction focused on the topic – ‘Personalization is the Key to Health’.

Personalization is at the core of the healthcare mission of Sajeev Nair-led Vieroots, and Dr. Priti Nanda is not only a rare practitioner of this but an eloquent advocate. Sajeev gently probed Dr.Priti about the need for personalization, for the benefit of his viewers.

And Dr.Priti opened up not only informatively but jovially, digging into her wealth of experience in not only treating thousands of patients using the principles of functional medicine in reversing diabetes, obesity, and such lifestyle diseases but from her own experience in reversing her diabetes by a slew of measures including losing 23 kg.

Sajeev Nair allowed the fielding of a few key questions from the audience, and Dr. Priti explained further the importance of key genes like methylation genes and the detoxification genes, and how testing for them enables breakthrough interventions for reversing diabetes and obesity.

Dr. Priti then appreciated Sajeev Nair for the exemplary work he has been doing at Vieroots to further the cause of preventing diseases before they happen through Personalized Epigenetic Lifestyle Modifications. Vieroots’ EPLIMO is the first smartphone-based app in India to offer Geno-Metabolic Assessment and high-power lifestyle modifications to keep over 200 diseases at bay.

The live interaction between these two experts became highly informative for viewers as they delved into specialized antioxidants and the importance of nutrient supplementation in functional medicine. Vieroots is home to a select family of high-efficacy supplements based on time-tested Ayurvedic herbs which are validated by modern research.

Thoughtbiotics, a family of three supplements – Intuit, Focuz, & Relax – have been bestsellers at Vieroots, as they are unique with absolutely no competition in India or abroad. They work by the unique concept of restoration of the health of our Gut Microbiome and thus the Gut-Brain Axis, to promote physical wellness, concentration, memory power & sound sleep.

When Sajeev Nair finally wound up the session with Dr. Priti’s permission, viewers were left wanting for more, and the Vieroots Chairman promised his viewers that Dr. Priti Nanda would be collaborating intimately with Vierooters, especially its healthcare professionals, lifestyle consultants & customers through the Superhuman Tribe.

In other noted events from Vieroots on World Health Day 2021, the company’s Co-Founder & CEO, Aditya Narayan, conducted two very informative video interactions with two senior health professionals of the company.

The first interaction was with Dr. Biju KS, Senior Medical Officer at Vieroots. This young but uniquely experienced doctor spoke a powerful personal testimony among other things. Dr. Biju’s grandfather, father& uncles had died early due to complications of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Dr. Biju too had these genetic traits and was on the verge of developing diabetes in his late 20s, but he beat it with lifestyle changes. CEO Aditya Narayan then queried Dr. Biju about why exercises should be personalized and Dr. Biju had a wealth of information to share with their viewers.

The last and final video interaction for the day was with Vieroots’ Nutritionist & Personalized Diet Consultant Manisha Manohar. CEO Aditya Narayan masterfully interacted with her for the benefit of the public to deliver some very important lessons in formulating the ideal diet.

Then he probed her about a buzzword in diets these days – the Keto Diet. Manisha Manohar had some key observations to make about the controversial Keto. From her eloquent words, viewers came to understand that Keto Diet is not the monster it is made out to be, but that it is definitely not for everyone.

For instance, those with impaired fat metabolism should never attempt the keto diet. Manisha Manohar also added that Vieroots’ core product, EPLIMO can easily find out whether one has such faulty fat metabolism. to help them decide on whether they should do keto dieting or not.

The interaction between the Vieroots CEO and their Nutritionist also shed light on how autoimmune diseases like lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, etc can be kept at bay with EPLIMO’s lifestyle modifications.

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