From $10 An Hour Valet To Social Media Marketing Leader: Meet Dominique J Portis

“The future belongs to the curious…”

Dominique J Portis discovered this firsthand working as a valet at a hotel in Washington, Seattle. She’d gone from job to job since leaving high school and still wasn’t completely sure about what she wanted to do for a living – and this looked like it’d be just another of many jobs she’d go through. But, being a valet at this particular hotel involved parking the cars of various successful entrepreneurs visiting the city, which enabled her to ask the one question so few people even think to ask someone who has the success they crave…


Hearing what they had to say must’ve sparked a fire within her given that, while working as a valet, she worked as an Uber and Lyft driver, too – which led to a near 6-figure income for her. It was clear here that 1) her curiosity was paying off and 2) she had the hustle and work ethic to make big things happen in her life. However, after a particularly messy breakup, Dominique was back at square one, without money or a home. She was reduced to living out of her car as she tried to make ends meet.

Try as she might, though, illness held her back – but this wasn’t some minor ailment, oh no. It turned out that Dominique was suffering from liver failure, which fast led to her hospitalization. Little did she know, she’d spend the next month and a half in ICU in UW hospital, Seattle. But despite such a setback – and a brush with death – Dominique emerged from ill health and immersed herself in the world of social media marketing, starting a now-24-person social media marketing agency. She’s also gone on to invest a whopping $65,000 in her own marketing education, developing both business savvy and coaching skills to help other businesses grow in confidence and thrive.