‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8 Episode 4, Recap: The fallout from the Great War

Having emerged victorious from the Great War against the Night King and his army of the undead, the individuals who endure now think about the following fight against Cersei Lannister in King’s Landing.

Season 8, Episode 4 was a rollercoaster of feelings for fans who saw a large number of their favorite characters experience some extraordinary changes. The episode opens on a memorial service for the individuals who fell in the Great War, which before long rises above into a gathering praising their triumph. Various energizing events take place in the fallout, including Daenerys delegated Gendry the Lord of Storm’s End, after which he proposes to Arya and requests that her go along with him there as his better half and woman. Arya typically decays and echoes an expression she’s said throughout the show – “I’m not a lady.”

After it’s uncovered amid a drinking game that Brianne is a virgin, Jamie turns up later to her room and the two end up in bed together – fulfilling the feelings that have been working for a few seasons between them.

Tensions continue to rise among Daenerys and the remainder of her advisers, as her psychological state has all the earmarks of being breaking down as the wars wage on. After the gathering, she approaches Jon in his room, and urges him to stay discreet about his actual personality among them of them so that she can rightfully be queen.

Jon appears to be fearful to lie to his Stark family, and before long tells his sisters, Sansa and Arya. Sansa wastes little time entrusting the news with Tyrion, as she has kept on scrutinizing Daenerys’ capacity to legitimately rule. Sansa and Arya approach Jon and tell him that they don’t trust her.

Things possibly deteriorate when Daenerys powers the Northern armed force to cruise on to take King’s Landing from Cersei. Sansa urges her to give their army a chance to set aside some effort to rest and mend from the Great War, which doesn’t go over well with Daenerys. The choice is made to make a beeline for King’s Landing, which prompts some weepy farewells between some of the show’s best characters.

Jon bids goodbye to Sam, who uncovers that his girlfriend Gilly is pregnant. In the event that it’s a boy, they intend to name it Jon. Tormund uncovers that he’s returning the free people to their home up north, and Jon requests that he take his critical wolf with him.

Dread strikes as the gathering nears King’s Landing, as Euron Greyjoy ambushes their ships and kills her dragon, Rhaegal. They additionally take her long-term companion and counsel Missandei hostage, which petrifies Gray Worm, who adores her profoundly.

When news about the ambush the snare returns to Winterfell, Jamie is struck by a need to return. Brianne beseeches him to remain with her – an uncommon snapshot of defenselessness for the new knight – and reveals to him that he’s a decent man, dislike his sister. He continues to drill down the abominable things he’s done throughout the years due to his love for Cersei, and rides off into the night.

The choice is made to approach Cersei with a small gathering and urge her to twist the knee to stay away from further gore in King’s Landing. In regular Cersei fashion, she rather picks the rough course, and guillotines Missandei before Daenerys and Gray Worm.

Daenerys walks away with a look in her eyes that is reminiscent of her father – the Mad King – and it’s clear that she intends to burn the city to the ground with Cersei inside.

The attack on King’s Landing will certainly be the subject of next week’s episode, so check back with Fox News for a weekly recap.