Gavin Rossdale – Here Is What He Thinks Of Blake Shelton

Not too long ago, Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani were the most happening and lovable couple in the Hollywood Industry. The two met in 1995 and fell madly in love with each other. The couple was together for a long time and got married in 2002. They parted their ways in 2015. The couple which was once known to be the most romantic couple of Hollywood broke up. Their marriage had to deal with their share of turmoil and tensions.

Gwen Stefani welcomed her three kids with her ex-husband in this long span of her marriage. She is a multi-talented singer who was torn between having a desire to spend time with her family which fulfilling her dreams as an artist in the industry.

Despite giving up her career and focusing on raising her kids, Gwen Stefani had to face her man cheating on her. Gavin Rossdale slept with the nanny of the kids. In 2015, she discovered her husband sleeping with Mindy Mann. She had to face a lot of hell and torture. Gavin broke the dreams of Gwen to have a happy marriage. It was very rare for a Hollywood couple to have a stable and romantic marriage. Gwen couldn’t handle Gavin cheating on her for so many times. She just could not find the patience to ignore Gavin cheating her with the nanny of the kids. She broke off her relationship with her better half.

Now rumor has it that Gwen Stefani has a close relationship with Blake Shelton. Gavin is trying to adjust himself to her ex-wife getting close to Blake Shelton. He gushed about the man just recently that Black Shelton is playing a positive role in the lives of his children. He does not have any harsh feelings towards Blake Shelton in getting close to his boys. In fact, he appreciates his positive influence on his three boys.

Gavin has just recently tried to find peace with the fact of Blake Shelton having a good relationship with his boys. Gossip has been that initially, he was having tough times to deal with the situation. It is quite challenging for Gavin Rossdale to see his boys getting closer to the boyfriend of his ex-wife. However, he is trying to act as mature as possible. Gavin also wants to develop a strong bond between him and his sons. But he is not able to spend quality time with them. Black Shelton is playing a fatherly role in the lives of his boys.

Gavin first thought the Gwen was trying to take his boys away from him. However, this was not the case. Gwen does not want her kids to suffer. She wants them to have the attention of their biological father as well. She also wants Blake Shelton to have a positive role in their lives. Despite the couple broke up, let’s just hope that the boys don’t suffer and they are able to have a strong bond with their mother and father.