GDC 2019: Google expected to declare a new streaming, cloud-based gaming service

Google is expected to divulge new streaming game service at the 2019 Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco this week. The tech monster will make its raid into online gaming, joining Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo in a $140 billion industry.

Google has kept the project cautiously hush-hush and very little is thought about the service, set to debut Tuesday, March 19. There is relied upon to be both a software and hardware component to Google’s announcement. A year ago, Google disclosed Project Stream, an game streaming platform that enabled gamers to play select titles at high internet speeds utilizing only a browser and internet connection —— novel software that avoided the customary utilization of a gaming console. On the software front is “Yeti”, the epithet for Google’s supposed membership based streaming platform that could create a cloud-oriented “Netflix of video games,” for game aficionados to lose themselves in.

Google’s head of hardware, Rick Osterloh, tweeted about GDC a week ago, improving the probability that an actual game console has been created by thesearch engine giant. According to Forbes, it’s possible Google’s device will be similar to the company’s Chromecast digital media player, and will likely be a small, low-cost streaming device designed for connecting to a television and controllers of some sort.

Google’s reputed technology of cloud-gaming could be a leap forward for the gaming industry. At this moment, if gamers need to play a particular title, they have to purchase both a massive gaming console — either XBox, Wii, or PS4 — and afterward buy a particular title as either a physical disc or download a large file. In any case, if Google can change the equation with its own innovation of cloud-based gaming, one that requires just a small streaming device and controller, then gamers everywhere could be on the brink of experiencing a brave new world of gameplay.