Gentjan Cekeli talks about the Challenges & Rewards of Entrepreneurship

People struggle a lot when starting a business. It takes time and determination to succeed in your chosen profession. Every successful businessman will tell you all about the trials and tribulations they have undertaken to succeed in their careers. One of them is Gentjan Cekeli, who has dedicated a large portion of his life to finding and spreading the success stories of Albania’s culture and its people.

Born in Tirana, Albania’s capital, Gentjan is the founder of Jeta Osh Qef (Life is Funny), an Albanian news and media site. The website and its associated social media presence on Facebook are well-known to the Albanian public. Jeta Osh Qef is particularly famous for promoting only positive stories about Albanian life and culture while denouncing negative stories that were seen as harmful to the image of Albania.

It is not easy to run a business online while just promoting positive stories, but Gentjan did it anyway. “Without hard work, there is no victory. Every business is difficult, and it is the rewards and the challenges of entrepreneurship that make us as successful as we are,” added Gentjan. 

Outside Albania, Gentjan is famous for his Guinness World Record, which he received in 2012 for the “Most Comments on a Single Facebook Item.” The Facebook post received over one million comments in less than three months, leading to a World Record achievement. He was only 23 years old when he achieved this World Record commendation. It has helped him to build his business and scale it to even greater heights.