Gomez-Hadid Feud Overshadows Upset Plastic Surgery Fans in Denver

Selena Gomez stuffing face with Sphaghetti food, her instagram comment about what sucks, and a photo of Bella Hadid on Halloween as Jim Carey the mask

Instagram users everywhere should be aware that the social media application is making some changes. Instagram has a long history as a diverse social media platform. The application is full of content, which ranges from cooking to beauty to sports to much more. Like other social media platforms, it has truly grown to be a wide-reaching site revolving around many different types of content. Among these growing areas of content, plastic surgery pages on Instagram have been growing substantially. However, in a controversial new move, Instagram contributing company Spark AR recently revealed that any filters associated with plastic surgery will be removed from the platform. If you’re the best plastic surgeon of Denver, then you might be affected by this change.

Spark AR Announces Change Part of ‘Well-Being Policies’

In a Facebook statement that has attracted a lot of negative attention, the company outlined their new policy. This outline detailed that the company would “remove all effects associated with plastic surgery” from the IG “Effect Gallery.” In addition, they plan on postponing approval of any new filters associated with plastic surgery. They decline to go more in-depth than this, claiming the decision is in an effort to make Spark AR “a positive experience” for everybody – unless you’re the best plastic surgeon of Denver. This decision has been met with a fair amount of pushback from Instagram users, who littered the company’s FB post with negative comments and reactions. Many users are asking if Spark AR (and ergo, IG) views plastic surgery as a negative thing.

Selena Gomez & Bella Hadid Part of More IG Drama

This new policy decision by Spark AR is right in line with more drama from the platform. When it looked like Bella Hadid may have taken down a post after Selena commented on it, fans were quick to notice. After all, the two have a history, what with the two of them both dating The Weeknd at one point in time. However, the two looked like they cleared up the drama fast, after Gomez straight up said that she supported Hadid wholeheartedly – Bella, notably, hasn’t said a thing. Fans were quick to notice that as well.

Overall, it seems like if you’re the best plastic surgeon of Denver, you might be having a tough time on Instagram pretty soon. While celebrity drama looks like it’ll always be endorsed by the platform, those practicing cosmetic surgery might have a tougher time with their content. This might come to be a real bummer to any users aspiring to positions in the field – but until Spark AR updates their ‘Well-Being Policies’ to include plastic surgeons, it could be tough.