Google Celebrates Mother’s Day 2019 with an Animated Doodle

Today, in many nations, Mother’s Day is celebrated. In this manner, the Google Doodle team to publish an animated Doodle. Cartoon comprises of three sections. He made about a duck and her six ducklings. Ducklings are painted in the color that the letters in the Google logo have.

The duck shows its ducklings kinds of activities. For instance, they go after her, swim as she does. The last video shows how a duck covers its children’s wings from the rain.

Why the Google Doodle artists team decided to show this story again, we couldn’t make sense of. The truth of the matter is that prior this Doodle has already been used for some countries.

That spirit of accessibility inspired today’s Google Doodle. The Doodle group set out to utilize innovation to take care of the issue barring many from viewing animated GIF doodles properly: file size. The Mother’s Day Doodle this year is in “a much smaller and more compact format” to make sure that people with all levels of bandwidth can celebrate mothers with Google.

Today there will be numerous occasions in various nations and cities that will be dedicated to this day. In addition, many families will meet, and there will be many greetings. To which we also join. Happy Mother’s Day to all!