Hasdie Hasnan Releases Emotional & Melodi /Pop Single ‘Angel’

Hasdie Hasnan - Angel

Rising artists Hasdie Hasnan releases his newest single ‘Angel’. This song is written and composed by colombian singer ‘María Juliana Gómez’. The single release features ear-candy instrument, a unique arrangement, a powerful, melancholic vocal by Hasdie Hasnan. ‘Angel’ will take the listener in a complete musical journey with its Pop instrumentation and downtempo beat, paired with lyrical depths. The single delivers a unique arrangement that makes the song have a distinctive identity. 

Undoubtedly, ‘Angel’ can impact the listener as it contains every uplifting and catchy element for an  pop track. Hasdie Hasnan continues to impress the world with an atmospheric and dreamy style. Moreover, he provides a track that will put the listeners in a state of trance. ‘Angel’ will sit well with pop music aficionados as the track delivers touching lyricism, musical catchiness, and a well-rounded production. 

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Hasdie Hasnan - Angel
Hasdie Hasnan – Angel


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