Have you started preparing your business for CCPA?

CCPA is coming in just a few weeks and businesses are getting ready for stricter data regulations and compliance. With that in mind, brands such as Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, and Google have begun to align their global privacy policies to reflect these new changes.

The California Consumer Privacy Act will provide consumers in California with new powers to see how their data is being handled and where their data is being shared. The law will also provide a provision for empowering users to sue if they feel their privacy has been violated. This is regardless of whether there has been a data breach or not.

Businesses that will be impacted by the new CCPA law will fall under its provisions if they have at least an annual revenue of $25 million. The law will also apply to companies that hold at least 50,000 records on individuals.

In the broader sense, the new CCPA law will mean further compliance on issues ranging from how data is shared to how it is stored by third parties. Data security will play a big role in this, and companies are already looking at enhanced solutions such as data destruction and hard drive degaussing for removing data. This is the process which guarantees secure data erasure and in terms of data handling, auditing data destruction is also becoming more relevant to businesses that want to demonstrate to law enforcement how they are treating data, and importantly – how data is being disposed of once it is no longer in use.

For businesses looking to prepare for 2020, and CCPA, they can start to put into place data protection policies and look at how information is being handled by employees and different regional offices – while creating a blueprint and a framework for how data is handled across the company.

Is your business ready for CCPA in 2020?