HHRD – The Ray of Hope for Refugees

Most families worldwide are suffering from poverty and homelessness, disasters, natural &human-made catastrophes, which results in migration. Helping Hand for Relief & Development (HHRD), a global humanitarian organization has provided refugees for decades. HHRD aims to offer good shelter homes to the neediest, such as widows, orphans, elderly, refugees, and disaster-stricken, based on their wealth, capacity, and scope. HHRD supported Syrian & Rohingya refugees with homes in 2019, Indonesia’s natural disaster-affected populations, and Cambodia’s poverty-stricken families.

Through its ‘Infrastructure Development Program,’ HHRD provides accommodation for Syrian refugee families in Jordan and Rohingya refugee families in Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh, through this scheme. Over the past few years, both have faced incredible difficulties and need shelter houses’ safety to live a dignified existence.

Caravans of Hope for Syrian Refugee Families

HHRD’s Jordan office in the Middle East of North Africa (MENA), a licensed NGO in 2013, offers humanitarian aid to refugees in Lebanon and Jordan. For the children growing up in these camps, these Caravans of Hope act as residences for families and as Learning Centers of Hope.This project serves as a shield for Syrian refugee families in Jordan, particularly those with their orphan children in remote locations or camps and widows. Two rooms, a tiny kitchen area, clean water, and a usable toilet are included in every shelter.These micro-homes offer a secure and healthy home for individuals who have had to live there.These micro-homes are of immense importance to the refugees because they are a huge change in their lives. They have replaced the basic minimum tents they used in their own countries for housing after losing everything and everyone.

These shelter houses have also become fully operational mobile schools. A mobile school seats up to 3 students per bench with 16 benches and desks. HHRD offers the requisite furniture, chalk/white / or smartboard, classroom supplies, books, and other educational necessities for these children’s prosperity.

Shelter Homes of Hope for Rohingya Refugees in Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh

In the Rakhine Province, Myanmar, the Rohingya have been facing decades of widespread oppression, homelessness, and targeted violence since 1978. HHRD has been supporting the poor in Myanmar since 2008 and expanded its support during the mass migration of August 2017.In what has become the world’s largest refugee camp in Cox’s Bazaar is home to approximately 1 million Rohingya people. They remain highly insecure, living in extremely difficult circumstances. Two rooms, a balcony and are made with material to withstand high winds and rains, are supported by the HHRD shelter of hope. For a family of 6, households are provided with solar-powered electrical appliances, cookware, and household products.

Apart from these main projects, HHRD has also provided shelter to fishers in Cambodia and earthquake victims in Indonesia. HHRD’s consistent efforts in accommodating the homeless are exceptional and commendable. The world needs more helping hand organizations like HHRD.