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HHRD’s Africa Relief Program



Africa is currently facing the largest humanitarian crisis since 1945, according to Stephen O’Brien, the Humanitarian Coordinator for the United Nations. O’Brien and his department estimate that over 20 million people in 4 different countries in Africa are at risk of starvation over the next several months unless the world can come together and intervene. O’Brien’s specific request for monetary aid was $4.4 billion, which he estimates would be enough to stave off the growing hunger crisis and save millions of lives.

Yemen, Somalia, South Sudan, and Northeast Nigeria have been particularly hard hit during this time due to a combination of internal conflict within the countries, and severe droughts during their growing seasons. In addition to the issues within these specific countries, Africa as a whole is facing severe climate change, population growth, widespread unemployment, extreme poverty, hunger, and now coronavirus. With all of these challenges facing their people, there has never been a time in Africa’s history when it has needed help more than it does today.

Help comes in many forms, and HHRD’s Africa Relief Fund aims to provide assistance to African countries through a multi-pronged approach. HHRD provides assistance in getting food and water to those in need. The care packages are thoughtfully put together and have enough food to last a family of 5-7 for 2 weeks. By including hearty, long-lasting staple food items, they ensure that every ounce of nutrition possible is being packed into their meal packages. For water insecure regions, HHRD’s Water for Life program works with engineers on the ground to determine ways to install, retrofit, or modify existing water supply schemes for long term sustainable use.

While food and water are the most immediate and life-threatening needs for most, HHRD also works to set local communities up for economic success through their Skills Development and Livelihood program. Economic depression is widespread in Africa, and by helping the local populations set up some form of business, HHRD hopes to secure long-term success and prosperity. HHRD’s Skills Development workers train the local population on how to create goods that will be desirable to the local community and the world at large. By imparting the knowledge of how to create quality products and sell them effectively, entire towns can be made economically self-sufficient.

Healthcare is also severely lacking across the continent. HHRD’s Health Care and Nutrition program works with the World Health Organization to provide free medical help to disaster areas. Free medical exams, diagnosis, and medicine are part of the standard treatment package for so many who do not have the opportunity to get their yearly checkup at the local doctor’s office. In addition to basic medical exams and screenings, HHRD is able to provide eye exams to the local populations. Free eye operations have helped over 1100 people in Kenya, Somalia, Uganda, Tanzania, and South Africa maintain their vision.

In the midst of a crisis, proper education tends to be hard to come by as well. HHRD’s Educational Support program works to provide education to over 300 orphans at a time in Mogadishu, Somalia. The orphans are sponsored, or “adopted”, by their donors, and are provided with school tuition, supplies, pocket money, medical screenings, and psychological support.

All of these efforts are supported by donations, and as Stephen O’Brien will tell you, the assistance currently required in Africa is not cheap. HHRD would love to expand all of its programs in the region, in order to help as many people as possible. Consider helping out today, with a small donation that will be used to directly benefit the people of Africa who need it most.

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Charting a success story like no other as an investor, digital marketer, and entrepreneur is Wilsonstillrunning.



Wilsonstillrunning has aced the game in entrepreneurship and now vies to thrive in the events and entertainment realm as well.

Astounding are all those people who, instead of only following what others are doing, make sure to carve their own path to success and go ahead in becoming one of their best versions in everything they ever choose to do in their careers. Though this is easier said than implemented, there have been a few professionals who have done that and shown the world that everything is attainable in life if people put their heads down, focus on their goals and stay determined on their journeys to attain the success they seek in their lives. A similar story is of Wilsonstillrunning, a passionate man who ran towards the success he always desired to achieve, and here he is, standing tall as a one-of-a-kind CEO and entrepreneur in the tech space.

Wilsonstillrunning always had a penchant for video games, comics, and the like, and this fondness that he developed as a child transitioned into his hobby and then his career, becoming a tech entrepreneur and CEO in the gaming sector, where he would create his favourite characters and bring them to life in video games and Web3. Being in the tech space has always made him feel highly passionate about his work. However, just like any other entrepreneur vying to expand his portfolio, Wilsonstillrunning, too desired the same.

First, he turned into an investor for supporting many promising small ventures in the tech space, also investing in games like Club House, Thriller, and FaZe Clan, and now he is vying to make a name for himself in the events and entertainment niche as well. This young guy, who calls Croatia his second home and travels the world, thanks to his work in the digital space, is also a growing digital marketer.

Even as a model, content creator/influencer, and cosplayer (@wilsonstillrunning), he has stunned everyone with his work throughout his journey so far.

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Handle Multiple Enterprises Successfully_ According to Mohammad Moghadasi



Mohammad Moghadasi is famous for handling a wide range of businesses at once. He works on video games, digital currency, clothing, construction tools, and many other industries. He claims that a good manager is who can handle several tasks together. In this article, Mohammad will give some important points on how to boost your multiple corporations.

Entrepreneurs can manage multiple corporations and make remarkable earnings by focusing on each project as enough as it requires and seeking ways to maximize resources between the different parties. In this essay, there are some practical tips on how to supervise more than one corporation.

Select Wise Projects 

Mohammad said: “Before starting a new business, ensure it can turn a profit and that you have the resources to handle it. If, in investigating a doable business vision, you realize that it will take a lot of time and energy to initiate it, consider whether it is worth undertaking the further project at this time or whether your other enterprise paths will suffer too much as a consequence.”

Share a Site

When you want to own more than one company, sharing a location is a brilliant idea if possible. He added: “Assigning a joint area enables you to be involved with both businesses on a regular basis and allows you to switch back and forth between the two quickly.” It will preserve your time since you will not have to commute between two distinct business places frequently. Hold them as tight as possible if your enterprises can not share an area.

Organize Your Schedule

Mohammad Moghadasi recommends that planning and time management are critical when working on multiple companies at once. By adding a second business to your work combination, you might see that your free time vanishes due to other responsibilities much more quickly. Organizing your time, in particular, can help you preserve ample time each week to spend on important work tasks that demand your full attention, along with meeting sessions, arrangements, and private time. Organization can help you split your time correctly between your different corporations.

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William Wang collaborates with Mission Peak to flourish Bicaro Holding’s business



Cannabis farming investments are now easily accessible with a Thai company called Bicaro Holding. To establish cannabis farms in Thailand, the business inks a tactical collaboration agreement with Mission Peak (Thailand) Co. LTD in the most recent statement.

William Wang has partnered with Mission Peak to increase the services offered by Bicaro Holding. The company’s primary goal is to increase investor value and generate income for them by cultivating cannabis on a massive scale in numerous greenhouses.

The main objective of Bicaro Holding is to maximize investor value and generate profits through the extensive cultivation of cannabis in multiple greenhouses all across Thailand. To establish cannabis farms in Thailand, Mission Peak (Thailand) Co. LTD. and Tom Kruesopon (Mr. Weed) worked together. Through this partnership, Bicaro Holding’s farms may produce cannabis that is of a certain quality and follows a particular set of guidelines.

Additionally, it ensures that the cannabis grown in Bicaro Holding’s fields meets a certain standard and adheres to a set of rules. Through the Herbidus Medical and Wellness Center, which owns a license permitting the sale of cannabis in Thailand, the agreement also secures a sales channel for the goods produced by the farms.

The staff leading Bicaro is knowledgeable about the geography of Thailand and has made investments across several industries. Using the following qualities, it assists its clients and investors:

  • Skilled Group: The Bicaro Holding management team comprises multi-skilled serial business owners.
  • High-Quality Cannabis: Bicaro Holding conforms to a particular standard for cannabis growing and follows a set of protocols and instructions.
  • Partnerships: Bicaro Holding has several relationships to guarantee the security of your investment in our farms.

About the Company – Bicaro Holding

William Wang established the cannabis agricultural investment firm Bicaro Holding. Its main goal is to boost investor value and generate income through the extensive cultivation of cannabis in multiple greenhouses throughout Thailand. Invest in Thai cannabis production by joining the Bicaro Holding team. The business now runs one farm in Thailand’s Thanyaburi District.

Visit the official website to learn more about investing in the cannabis industry for potential investors. People may find out more information about the projects of Bicaro Holding on its social media pages on Facebook and Instagram. The founder Willian Wang has also been featured in Forks Daily and Coinmicroscope.

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