Hip Hop Artist 6ix 3urop3’s Buzz Is Skyrocketing

Thousands of emails come in daily from aspiring rappers asking to write about them or their “latest smash single” and my answer is the same. I first opened google on my browser and simple as it gets I typed the name “6ix 3urop3 ” in the search bar.

The first thing I see is a Google knowledge graph with the title Music Artist. I was already more intrigued than usual seeing such a professional catalog. Social media-wise I learned of an Instagram following of over ten thousand with active engagement and seemingly pretty well-kept profile appearance, having hundreds of likes. 6ix 3urop3’s hard work spoke for itself, and if I can’t google you and see everything you would be able to tell me supposing I was interested in doing a piece on you it’s very unlikely you’re of any interest publicly.

So the catalog was there, the numbers were impressive, Now it was time to hear 6ix 3urop3’ music I started with a YouTube search and instantly came across multiple options to choose from. His flows and melodies were unique and easy to identify his rare amazing sound.