How lifestyle influencer Ami Desai became a successful entrepreneur, TV Host and mother

Gone are the days when aspirants would tirelessly wait for months and years to break into the movie business. Times have now changed. Social media is evolving, changing the world, and making a more significant impact on our lives. Hundreds of thousands of television actors, supermodels, and faces from reality shows are finding their feet in the world of influencer marketing. One of these determined personalities is Ami Desai, the Indo-American mother-of-two. She began her journey to the limelight as a TV producer at E! Entertainment and is now successfully running her business as a Beauty and Lifestyle Expert and Celebrity Makeup Artist specializing in South Asian Bridal.

Born on October 8th in Houston, Texas, Ami Rawal Desai is a celebrated Indian American beauty and lifestyle influencer. Taking a brief glimpse at Desai’s diverse portfolio and professional experience is like witnessing the start of a realm. With over one hundred thousand combined followers on Instagram and YouTube, the mompreneur is setting an example for other aspirants to become influencers and digital entrepreneurs. Having hosted and appeared on multiple shows on CNN, KTLA 5 News, and Home & Family, Desai feels a television background brings quite a lot of responsibility since a lot of people recognize who you are. In her case, she gained even more fame and became a household name after touring with Oprah for her first-ever travel show – The Life You Want Tour – for eight weeks, and interviewing the likes of Deepak Chopra, Elizabeth Gilbert, and Gayle King among others.

Her offline success from TV allowed her to make a smooth transition into the online world as an influencer, blogger, beauty & lifestyle expert, and a celebrated makeup artist. Desai is leveraging her platform and voice by being one of the very few South Asian female figures focusing on motherhood, parenting, and beauty, and helping drive the empowerment of women. Further on this, Desai said, “The medium of social media offered me the perfect platform to present my ideas, opinions, and thoughts to my audience. The journey to becoming a digital entrepreneur dates back to the time when I developed a passion for storytelling – be it through the means of entertainment news, featuring real-life stories, or leading my own YouTube channel. And now, having built a base, I ensure to defend my brand as a unique selling point.”

As a public figure and an influencer, Desai firmly asserts from her first-hand experience that credibility can only be built on honesty and trust. For young female entrepreneurs, she advises not to stop and keep pushing, even when the world perceives one as pushy. On a personal front, being a mother of two and pregnant with her third, she recommends women to draw a fine line between their personal and professional lives and to find a work-life balance. “Women, in general, wear many hats throughout their lives, but that shouldn’t overwhelm us. Take the leap to live your best life. You might see a lot of shut doors at the beginning; however, make sure that it doesn’t deviate you from your end goal if you truly trust your idea and mission,” adds Desai.

Being real and carving out her niche has helped Desai set-up, sustain, and succeed in her professional endeavors. She believes that the same approach is most likely to work well for others who are on the path to finding their purpose and success. Desai is part of a global story about influencers, mompreneurs, and about young women breaking previously built barricades!