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How to belief that you will be successful by Christopher Roberts



I am Christopher Roberts, an influencer who has developed an undying passion for inspiring people and developing their self-belief.

I have been out of home since 14, and I never finished year 10 education. I suffered from chronic panic disorder. In 2018, I was broke and overweight and lived with anxiety and was a single father to a 2-year-old boy Dantae. Until I stumbled upon some really life-changing insights and concepts I got from books, I started reading.

Today I have a few companies, and I’ve made over 3.5 million dollars in sales. I’ve had more than 35 employees. And now I’ve nearly finished writing a book.

My goal was to set up passive income so I can focus on changing people’s lives, as I’ve ascended from complete mediocrity. Now my mission is to bring as many people with me as I can. And there is nothing that I would let stop me from this mission I am pursuing.

My role models are definitely Jim Rohn, Anthony Robbins, Les Brown, Tom Bilyeu.

I love stories of people’s adversities and how they have overcome them.

I am the director of a Civil Company and a few other smaller businesses. I wrote a book called Breaking The Bonds Of Mediocrity – which is self-published and will soon be released. One thing that I have learned which is big in my book is that Humans Can REALLY do anything and that what we practice we do and will become great at. Still, my experience is people tend to become really good at mediocre things.

When I started making big money, I decided to give back. Inspired by Tony Robbins, I found a family one Christmas that was really doing it tough, and I surprised the mother with 500 dollars worth of gifts, food, etc. She didn’t know me at all, but I had done my research to find someone suitable for my charity. There was no better feeling than knowing that I had gone out of my way to give love to a family who needed it. The tears she had were tears of love, and I will never forget that.

I think social media channels that work best for promoting your work are Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook. 

I believe my life is a gift, not an obligation. I don’t have any personal fears because I understand the reality of life, and I would rather die than not reach my true potential.

Once I developed multiple income streams, I started doing courses on modern psychology NLP masters, marketing, hypnosis, psychotherapy, coaching masters, emotional intelligence courses. Books, videos, I would train HARD 5 days a week and always would listen to audiobooks while doing so.

Meditation is probably the most important thing I started doing.

When things are tough, the meaning I give it has definitely changed. I only ever visualize great things for myself, and you can’t actually feel bad when you see great ideas for your future, so that is a big one.

To all who are reading this, be mindful of what you are practicing, because you will get great at it. If you don’t have a dream or goal guiding your life in a specific direction, you will be the same person 10 years from now. To achieve anything, the first step before you even commit to it is first working on your belief in yourself that you can actually do it. If you say something to yourself long enough, you will believe anything.

You can connect via Instagram or LinkedIn at Christopher Roberts.

Matthew Ronald grew up in Chicago. His mother is a preschool teacher, and his father is a cartoonist. After high school Matthew attended college where he majored in early-childhood education and child psychology. After college he worked with special needs children in schools. He then decided to go into publishing, before becoming a writer himself, something he always had an interest in. More than that, he published number of news articles as a freelance author on


Real Estate Mogul Mike Oddo’s Genius Pivot After Lost Market Share



From humble beginnings to scaling his brokerage to a yearly seven figure business at 26, Mike Oddo’s feats were phenomenal. Most entrepreneurs know, the market is a constantly evolving creature. As fate would have it, real estate mogul Mike Oddo, discovered this first hand when to his dismay he realised his precious brokerage was losing market share to a competitor in the early 2010s.

The competitor had recently begun using a software allowing for an unusual advantage in the marketplace. Mike however, was not too worried as he’d anticipated a need for such a software and had begun his own development of one. This only confirmed his sususpion and pushed Mike to go pedal to the metal and make his platform usable for his brokerage. That he did and he would soon reclaim his position as the undisputed champion in the real estate space.

Spotting opportunities, Mike knew that the proprietary tech stack he and his team developed had some serious potential to catch the market by the storm. “As a seasoned real estate veteran, I knew one thing. Booking meetings with prospects was a real pain, and I had always hoped that there would be an easier way to go about conducting real estate sales.” – Mike Oddo.

A sequence of events led Mike to have a chance encounter with the brother of a former employee who was actively involved in selling Yellow Page subscriptions. He proposed to the experienced salesman a potential deal where the salesman would sell Mike’s software in return for a generous commission, a deal would be made and that month Mike Oddo would see $20,000 in subscription sales for his proprietary system.

Mike’s subscription service would go on to be named “Market Maker Leads” – a U.S based software platform for real estate agents that generates real estate leads, nurtures leads, builds your authority and status, delivers those leads as prepositioned appointments™ directly to your calendar. Everything is done for you for a set monthly cost.

Now with proof of concept that agents like and see returns with his platform, Mike made the decision to sell his brokerage for what we would imagine was a handsome amount and Found Market Maker. Since 2012 Market Maker has ushered a new era of convenience and innovation in the real estate market.

Naturally, with the next level convenience offered by Market Maker, Mike’s company has become one of the fastest growing privately held companies in America with a very positive trajectory that we look forward to seeing play out.

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Entrepreneur and marketing guru, George Elia, has been consistently behind the scenes pushing buttons behind some of the largest brands/name on social media.



Originally from Lebanon, began his industry rise dating back in 2017, where he was a key member and mentor for some record labels,
George, was influential to the development of several artists on the label, along with many others, helping guide and support careers of artists like, Diego money , Doe Boy, Guap Tarantino, Trap Manny, and many more.
Executive to Marketing Guru and Branding Expert.
George, has been apart and responsible for bringing some of the best new products and entertainment to the eyes of Millions of social media users.
.“We’ve perfected our system, and the results prove it”

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The Importance of Pocket Your Dollars Money Solutions and Expert Financial Advice



You may earn a lot of money, but when it comes to investment, not everyone knows the ins and outs of their overall finances. This is where Pocket Your Dollars money solutions come into picture. Read on to understand why financial advice from experts like them is necessary.

There is a thought “Only rich people need financial advice from experts”, but it’s not true. Financial advice from experts is very important if you have a growing business or even a start-up because expert financial advisors have good experience and knowledge in the field. Their experience helps you to build and protect your assets. There are many such services that you can hire. To make your investments fully secured for a longer period it is very beneficial to take financial advice from experts. Here are 5 rewarding reasons to get financial advice from experts.

  1. For Your Family’s Protection

The very first financial planning one has to decide is life insurance. There are many life insurance plans available in the market. Some are very good, while some are average and some are ideal. The main reason why there are many options is because there are various such life situations. Since every individual situation is different, an expert can tell you which life insurance policy perfectly fits your needs. 

Each life situation is different, for example, you are single or married, you are retired, or have a young family. They can help you find appropriate plans. They carefully study your life situation and provide the best feasible options for you and your family.

  • Plan for Saving and Spending

For building assets, you require long-term security. At first, you have to pay for your emergencies and then for holidays and luxuries, as it doesn’t make any sense if it was the other way around. Step one should be to start saving and controlling your spending habits. You should be free from debts. You can check out Pocket Your Dollars and hire them to help you clear your debts with proper planning. Step two is to plan the saving patterns to build a wealthy lifestyle efficiently and effectively. The financial expert understands your whole situation properly and guides you through the right path towards a victorious future.

  • Secure Your House

Purchasing a house is the costliest decision you ever take in your life. Financial experts often help you save many thousands of dollars and wait for the best time when the interest rates are best for you so that you’ll never have to borrow few dollars from here and there when you are purchasing a house.

  • Investment Goals

Many Americans think about early retirement.Whatever your goals are, a financial expert advises you accurately to evaluate what can be possible. After that, the expert creates an effective plan for you to achieve your investment goals.

  • Peace of Mind

If you are searching for a financial solution on the internet and doing all the work by yourself, then it can cost you time. To find the optimal solution, you have to study each aspect. Since the financial expert can do it in no time, you have peace of mind.

It doesn’t matter how much money you have or how old you are, you need a financial expert to ensure a secure financial future.

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