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How to Get More YouTube Views on Youtube Channel (2020)



In 2020, people are turning to YouTube for entertainment more than ever. They turn to YouTube for entertainment, music, comedy, information and even for making a purchase decision. This gives YouTube its power to reach billions of people across the world.

Witnessing this influence of YouTube across the world, creators wish to benefit from it and earn as a YouTuber. Many youtubers are buying Youtube subscribers from genuine resources to get an initial boost to their Youtube channel. It is no secret that when it to come to YouTube, money is where views and watch hours are. Hence, it is every YouTuber’s ultimate goal to earn more and more views on their YouTube channel.

While gaining organic views is a gradual process and requires persistent effort, a few tips will help you along in the process of getting more views on your Youtube channel in a relatively short time.

  • Write intriguing video titles

One of the first things a user sees is your video title; hence, it is not something you can take lightly. According to Mr. Washib Khan, Founder of, the title of your video should be descriptive and on the same time, it should create a sense of FOMO among the users. It should intrigue the user so that they click on the video when they read the title, whether your video pops up in the search results or the suggested videos window. And hence, attractive titles get more clicks, views and ultimately get Youtube subscribers that are engaging. Another important aspect of an intriguing video title is adding a numerical figure and the main keyword. Keyword rich titles also help the YouTube algorithm for categorization purposes.

  • Write compelling video description

YouTube allows you to describe your video in your own terms in the description box. The meta description of your video should act as a summary and overview of the video, hence, it should only add value for the viewer. It also prepares your viewer as to what to expect from the video and also ensures them that they are at the right place. Naturally using a handful of relevant keywords throughout your video description helps in improving the rank of your video in the search results. According to Mr. Washib Khan, one should avoid the practice of keyword stuffing as it harms the ranking of your video in the SERPs and does not register well with the YouTube algorithm.

  • Use crisp video tags

Video tags help the YouTube algorithm understand and categorize your video. They also help in better ranking of your video on the search engine result pages as well as the suggested videos window which in turn help in gaining organic views. It is advisable to use the main keyword and its possible variants as tags as they contribute in YouTube’s understanding. To find out the tags used in the most popular videos of your competitors, you can use simple tools like vidIQ and Tube Buddy. By using similar tags as your competitors, when a user watches their video, it highly likely that video would pop up in the suggested window and they would watch your video as well.

  • Design descriptive thumbnails

Thumbnails are the key to increase Click through Rate (CTR) on your videos and get more views on your Youtube channel. Thumbnails should be aligned to the theme of the video and the title. Since a thumbnail is also one of the first things a user sees, it should be descriptive, compelling as well as provoking in nature so that the user clicks on the video. An ideal thumbnail should consist of images, graphics, texts all the while should maintain contrast with the theme of YouTube’s interface in order to stand out. Whether your video shows up in search results or the suggested window, if your thumbnail is great a viewer will definitely click on it.

  • Make good use of the End Screen

It is advised that you should always keep a few seconds of your video for the end screen. YouTube provides the creators with the opportunity to share up to four videos in the end screen. According to Mr. Washib Khan, creators should utilize the end screen to divert viewers towards their lesser watched content or they should embed the link of the video they think the viewer might want to watch next. It is also a good way to keep the viewer engaged in your channel and gain more watch time.

  • Create playlists

Playlists are the sure-shot way of multiplying the views and the watch time on your YouTube channel. By uploading regularly on a schedule, you manage to create an entire library of content on your channel. If you have a bunch of videos that go together, put them in a playlist. According to Mr. Washib Khan, if the playlist title and description are well optimized using relevant keywords, they can show up in the search results on YouTube. Hence, by adhering to this practice, even your playlists rank in the search engine and your channel gains more views and watch time.

  • Interact with your audience

The benefits of interacting with your audience are two-fold. Firstly, when you interact with your viewers, the engagement on your video increase and YouTube boosts the ranking of your video in the search results making it more discoverable, which leads to more views and more traffic on your channel. Initially, many people also buy Youtube subscribers from authentic resources to get a boost in engagement. Secondly, when you interact with your viewers, you learn about their opinion regarding your video as well as what they would like to watch from you. This not only gives you the ideas for your next video but also ensures that your audience will watch it, hence, increasing your views.

One step at a time will can go a long way on your journey to become a YouTube star and gain more organic views. is a Youtube channel growth consulting company powered by Grynow. helps Youtubers in their organic channel growth, getting more subscribers organically.

Hannah Barwell is the most renowned for his short stories. She writes stories as well as news related to the technology. She wrote number of books in her five years career. And out of those books she sold around 25 books. She has more experience in online marketing and news writing. Recently she is onboard with Apsters Media as a freelance writer.

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Apple’s next iPhone may be more costly



Apple could make the impending iPhone 14 a larger number of costly than the iPhone 13, as indicated by Apple expert Ming-Chi Kuo. Kuo accepts that the typical selling cost (ASP) of the joined iPhone 14 arrangement might increment by 15% when contrasted with the iPhone 13 setup.

For reference, the standard iPhone 13 model beginnings at $799 (with transporter limits), while the Pro and Pro Max models knock that value up to $999 and $1,099, separately. While Kuo doesn’t specify cost expectations for individual gadgets, he thinks the ASP of the iPhone 14 arrangement (Pro models included) could float around $1,000 to $1,050. Kuo faults the ASP increment on a possibly more costly iPhone Pro and Pro Max, as well as a “higher shipment proportion.”

In June, Wedbush Securities examiner Dave Ives let The Sun know that he anticipates that the iPhone 14 should cost $100 more than the iPhone 13 because of cost increments influencing the worldwide store network. In the interim, gossip from Korean leaker Lanzuk recommends that Apple will just raise the cost of the Pro models, not the base iPhone 14.

While the base iPhone 14 is supposed to accompany a worked on 48-megapixel back confronting camera and a selfie camera with self-adjust, the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max models are reputed to get the majority of the redesigns. The Pro and Pro Max might jettison the score that houses the forward looking camera for a pill-molded opening punch pattern, come outfitted with the new A16 chip, and backing a consistently in plain view.

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Code in the Google TV application proposes that 50 free TV channels are coming



Couldn’t it be perfect if you would get free streaming TV channels without downloading an application or signing up for a new service? Indeed, you could possibly be getting that soon assuming you’re Google TV client, 9to5Google has decompiled the most recent version of the software and reports the organization’s TV streaming platform (officially Android TV) contains text that clues at 50 included live TV channels.

The purported new feature is by all accounts called “Google TV Channels” in light of text found in the launcher application. Furthermore, there’s likewise a picture in the software that clues at what diverts will be remembered for the new service. It’s the typical lineup of internet-streamed free channels like ABC News Live, NBC News Now, and USA Today. There’s additionally a lot of background noise channels like Divorce Court, American Classics, and Deal or no Deal. You’ll try and get the Hallmark Movies channel, and partake in the one where a major city legal counselor figures out how to cherish the straightforward things subsequent to experiencing passionate feelings for a rough bread cook. Furthermore, you’ll get the Reelz channel where you can clearly watch my entertainer companion play a calm cop.

Large numbers of these channels are promptly accessible on other free or modest streaming TV services, including Pluto TV, Philo, and Sling TV. However, these are services you’d need to sign up for, though Google is adopting the strategy that some TV producers like LG and Samsung are doing with their Smart TVs — giving purchasers something to watch in only a couple of snaps on a remote. Google’s 50 channels sound thin contrasted with the 175 or more with LG Channels, and north of 200 with Samsung’s TV Plus, however you most likely will not need to purchase an entirely different TV or download an application to take advantage of it.

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Xbox Game Pass family plan is at long last official and apparently $25 every month



Microsoft has confirmed a rumored Xbox Game Pass family plan by reporting early testing for the program in Colombia and Ireland.

Starting today, Xbox Insiders in Colombia and Ireland can preview a new plan that eases up to five clients share a similar Xbox Game Pass subscription. Any accounts added by the fundamental client will have “their own unique access to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate games, content, and benefits,” apparently preventing any bottlenecks for various clients playing simultaneously. You ought to in theory have the option to play Halo Infinite campaign co-op via one Xbox Game Pass subscription, for example.

This new plan gives every one of the advantages Game Pass Ultimate, however it’s obviously attached to another kind of plan. That’s what microsoft’s post clarifies “to participate in the preview, you need to purchase the ‘Xbox Game Pass – Insider Preview’ Game Pass plan in the Microsoft Store.” This will change over your leftover Game Pass subscription time in light of its monetary value, and the new plan is by all accounts a fair piece more costly.

An entire 30 days of Game Pass Ultimate is worth 18 days of this Insider Preview family plan, for reference. Microsoft hasn’t delivered a careful valuing breakdown for the new plan, yet since Game Pass Ultimate is typically $15 every month (or 50 pennies per day), we can gauge that the new plan will be about $25 per month (around 83 pennies per day) by working in reverse from $15 spread across 18 days.

The number related works out to precisely $25, which is too perfect to possibly be an incident, it is last to expect this evaluating. This is a really respectable cost climb from a standard membership, yet on the off chance that you figure four or five individuals on one sub, it very well may be a very decent plan for your circumstance.

“Conversion is final, and users must wait for their new membership to expire before returning to a previous membership,” Microsoft noted in a disclaimer. The organization likewise explained that Xbox All Access individuals will not have the option to take part in this see for the new plan.

Curiously, Microsoft gaming head and Xbox manager Phil Spencer previously drifted the possibility of a Game Pass family plan way back in December 2020. “It’s something we’d like to do,” he said at that point.

This program is as yet restricted to Colombia and Ireland until further notice, yet when it’s free in additional regions, you’ll have the option to share your subscription to anybody in similar country as you without severe household-only limitations. We’ve connected with Microsoft for additional subtleties.

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