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How to Get More YouTube Views on Youtube Channel (2020)



In 2020, people are turning to YouTube for entertainment more than ever. They turn to YouTube for entertainment, music, comedy, information and even for making a purchase decision. This gives YouTube its power to reach billions of people across the world.

Witnessing this influence of YouTube across the world, creators wish to benefit from it and earn as a YouTuber. Many youtubers are buying Youtube subscribers from genuine resources to get an initial boost to their Youtube channel. It is no secret that when it to come to YouTube, money is where views and watch hours are. Hence, it is every YouTuber’s ultimate goal to earn more and more views on their YouTube channel.

While gaining organic views is a gradual process and requires persistent effort, a few tips will help you along in the process of getting more views on your Youtube channel in a relatively short time.

  • Write intriguing video titles

One of the first things a user sees is your video title; hence, it is not something you can take lightly. According to Mr. Washib Khan, Founder of, the title of your video should be descriptive and on the same time, it should create a sense of FOMO among the users. It should intrigue the user so that they click on the video when they read the title, whether your video pops up in the search results or the suggested videos window. And hence, attractive titles get more clicks, views and ultimately get Youtube subscribers that are engaging. Another important aspect of an intriguing video title is adding a numerical figure and the main keyword. Keyword rich titles also help the YouTube algorithm for categorization purposes.

  • Write compelling video description

YouTube allows you to describe your video in your own terms in the description box. The meta description of your video should act as a summary and overview of the video, hence, it should only add value for the viewer. It also prepares your viewer as to what to expect from the video and also ensures them that they are at the right place. Naturally using a handful of relevant keywords throughout your video description helps in improving the rank of your video in the search results. According to Mr. Washib Khan, one should avoid the practice of keyword stuffing as it harms the ranking of your video in the SERPs and does not register well with the YouTube algorithm.

  • Use crisp video tags

Video tags help the YouTube algorithm understand and categorize your video. They also help in better ranking of your video on the search engine result pages as well as the suggested videos window which in turn help in gaining organic views. It is advisable to use the main keyword and its possible variants as tags as they contribute in YouTube’s understanding. To find out the tags used in the most popular videos of your competitors, you can use simple tools like vidIQ and Tube Buddy. By using similar tags as your competitors, when a user watches their video, it highly likely that video would pop up in the suggested window and they would watch your video as well.

  • Design descriptive thumbnails

Thumbnails are the key to increase Click through Rate (CTR) on your videos and get more views on your Youtube channel. Thumbnails should be aligned to the theme of the video and the title. Since a thumbnail is also one of the first things a user sees, it should be descriptive, compelling as well as provoking in nature so that the user clicks on the video. An ideal thumbnail should consist of images, graphics, texts all the while should maintain contrast with the theme of YouTube’s interface in order to stand out. Whether your video shows up in search results or the suggested window, if your thumbnail is great a viewer will definitely click on it.

  • Make good use of the End Screen

It is advised that you should always keep a few seconds of your video for the end screen. YouTube provides the creators with the opportunity to share up to four videos in the end screen. According to Mr. Washib Khan, creators should utilize the end screen to divert viewers towards their lesser watched content or they should embed the link of the video they think the viewer might want to watch next. It is also a good way to keep the viewer engaged in your channel and gain more watch time.

  • Create playlists

Playlists are the sure-shot way of multiplying the views and the watch time on your YouTube channel. By uploading regularly on a schedule, you manage to create an entire library of content on your channel. If you have a bunch of videos that go together, put them in a playlist. According to Mr. Washib Khan, if the playlist title and description are well optimized using relevant keywords, they can show up in the search results on YouTube. Hence, by adhering to this practice, even your playlists rank in the search engine and your channel gains more views and watch time.

  • Interact with your audience

The benefits of interacting with your audience are two-fold. Firstly, when you interact with your viewers, the engagement on your video increase and YouTube boosts the ranking of your video in the search results making it more discoverable, which leads to more views and more traffic on your channel. Initially, many people also buy Youtube subscribers from authentic resources to get a boost in engagement. Secondly, when you interact with your viewers, you learn about their opinion regarding your video as well as what they would like to watch from you. This not only gives you the ideas for your next video but also ensures that your audience will watch it, hence, increasing your views.

One step at a time will can go a long way on your journey to become a YouTube star and gain more organic views. is a Youtube channel growth consulting company powered by Grynow. helps Youtubers in their organic channel growth, getting more subscribers organically.

Hannah Barwell is the most renowned for his short stories. She writes stories as well as news related to the technology. She wrote number of books in her five years career. And out of those books she sold around 25 books. She has more experience in online marketing and news writing. Recently she is onboard with Apsters Media as a freelance writer.

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Apple will launch an outright attack of contraptions soon



Apple is anticipating an exceptionally momentous fall this year.

In the most recent version of his Power On bulletin, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman lists every one of the devices he figures Apple will launch this fall, and the list is long.

“I’m told that Apple is readying the widest array of new hardware products in its history this fall,” he wrote. “My back-of-the-envelope list includes four new iPhones, a low-end MacBook Pro, an updated iMac, the new Mac Pro, a revamped MacBook Air, an AirPods Pro upgrade, three Apple Watches, a low-end iPad, and iPad Pros.”

Some of these gadgets, like the iPhone, are ordinarily launched each year in the fall, so there’s no surprise there. Be that as it may, only the sheer number of new Apple gadgets we’ll see this fall – assuming Gurman is right.

And keeping in mind that that sounds like there’s nothing left to be launched in the remainder of the year, reconsider. Gurman says Apple is probably going to have a March or April occasion, where it will probably launch another iPhone SE and (perhaps) another iPad Air. As indicated by Gurman, the iPhone SE will have a comparable plan as last year’s model, yet with a quicker processor and 5G help. With respect to the iPad Air, Gurman says it’ll most likely get the A15 chip, the very chip that drives the iPhone 13.

Nine new iPads as of late surfaced in administrative filings in Russia, which could imply that Apple intends to launch something beyond an iPad Air update in the spring, however Gurman thinks the iPad Pro is bound to show up in the fall. At last, the Mac smaller than normal and iMac could likewise get an update (including Apple’s new M1 Pro chip) in the spring.

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Retrocube – Offering Unmatched Digital Solutions Across the Globe



Over the years, the overall need for digital solutions and IT has increased in the business world. Just think about it, from individuals in their everyday life to business organizations in their everyday operations, everyone is more or less dependent on technological tools and solutions to help them do their work.

Especially, if you talk about saving time and being more effective then the conversation simply isn’t complete without factoring in the mobile app development industry. The growth of the mobile app development industry is proof about how necessary mobile app development has become for people and business organizations all over the world.

However, knowing where you can get your mobile apps created is one of the most significant things these days. With millions of companies claiming to be the best at offering mobile app development services, choosing the right one can really become a challenge for business organizations especially fresh entrepreneurs, who are working on startups because one wrong move can mean the failure of their startups.

With Retrocube, you should no longer be worried about your projects because Retrocube is not just another mobile app development company but in fact, it is a one stop solution for all your digital and tech related needs. With Retrocube operating in the global IT industry for more than 7 years, they have gained both, the experience and the skills to deliver and provide the highest quality of IT and digital solutions to their clients, spread across the globe and operating in various different industries. In all this time working of different projects, Retrocube has helped huge business corporations as well as small time startups to meet and reach their business targets and goals in the most efficient and effective manner.

Moreover, the company is not just another mobile app development company in fact, it is a company that also provides and offers highest quality services in many other areas as well, which includes content creation services, content management services, logo designing services, branding services, video animation services, web development services, web designing services and much more.

Another amazing thing about Retrocube is their ability to tailor the services according to the needs and requirements of the clients. The company understands that each client that comes to or approaches them does not require services with the same strategy. Therefore, after listening to the clients carefully, the digital marketing experts or the mobile app development experts, they ensure that their services are tailored to meet the specific requirements of their clients, that can help their business organizations in meeting their goals and targets in the most efficient and effective manner.

With their unrivaled sincerity and exceptional level of dedication, they are known to help their clients in the most comprehensive manner. Furthermore, they are also well-known about their highly reasonable prices as well. Their main objective has always been the success of their clients and not only to fill their own pockets.

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OnePlus to supposedly roll out a tremendous improvement in the engine with the 5G 10R



Last year OnePlus released its very first “R” branded phone with the OnePlus 9R. The gadget was on the bottom rung of the OnePlus 9 ladder and had a limited distribution in China and India. Today, a source portrayed by Android Central as being reliable uncovered some data about the OnePlus 10R.

Maybe the main spec uncovered by the source is that the OnePlus 10R will feature the MediaTek Dimensity 9000 in the engine. MediaTek has the biggest global market share among chip sellers and the Dimensity 9000 is its flagship chipset. The latter performed honorably in benchmark tests proving to be a handful for Qualcomm’s best in class Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip (with its extravagant new naming plan).

The utilization of the Dimensity 9000 chipset is nothing to joke about since the OnePlus 9R and OnePlus 9RT both utilized Snapdragon silicon. The Dimensity 9000 is worked by TSMC utilizing its 4nm process node.

The justification for why OnePlus is involving this chip for the 10R has to do with its absence of mmWave connectivity. Since the phone won’t be released in North America, not having the option to interface with high band mmWave 5G is anything but nothing to joke about in Asian markets where the handset will be accessible. Using the Dimensity chip additionally may permit OnePlus to sell the 10R at a lower cost in what is a competitive market in India where Xiaomi and Samsung fight OnePlus in the mid-range level.

The source likewise expressed that the screen on the OnePlus 10R could be an AMOLED panel and feature a 120Hz refresh rate. The gadget is relied upon to be equipped with at minimum 8GB of memory alongside 128 GB of storage and it very well may be released during the finish of the second quarter this year (around May or June). It would have had a prior release date disliked OxygenOS 12 not constrained the OnePlus 9 RT to launch this month rather than last October.

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