How to Properly Create and Distribute a Collab Album – Breakdown of 1SkyeeArc & 7rivon’s new “Mixed” EP

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  • Final product
  • Where to get inspiration.
  • How to contact and collaborate with other artists
  • Process of production
  • Finding the right distribution method – Label vs Indie
  • Branding and building up hype


“Mixed” is the latest Hip-Hop/Instrumental EP from SlideBass Records, produced and engineered by musical artists 1SkyeeArc & 7rivon. The EP combines a magnitude of different emotional tones to set a “mixed” vibe for the project.

Final product

Check out “Mixed” here!

Where to get inspiration

(7rivon & 1SkyeeArc) Inspiration can come from anywhere and at any time. Sometimes it can feel that you have no inspiration and hours can pass before you actually come up with something, which as a musician can be very frustrating! But, it is important to understand that you shouldn’t rush it and at some point, you will get inspired and get new ideas to make music with. That’s where getting into SlideBass Records helps. SlideBass provides its artists with exclusive musical ideas, such as melodies, chords, and samples, and the best part is, it’s completely free! Once you download the content off of the website, it is deleted forever. You would be the only person to create a project with that sample! This is where we got the inspiration for this EP as well.

How to contact and collaborate with other artists

(7rivon) Now, we don’t want to spam a producer’s DMs saying “Collab bro??” do we? Many collaborations happen through knowing each other well, and genuinely liking each other’s content and figure a collaboration can pan out well. Your best bet is to support the artist for a while and help out with their production to start. Disclaimer that this is not the only way to approach it, but just from a very friendly sort of way. Once you established a connection with them on social media etc., you could begin by saying “Hey, I really love your songs. I have this cool idea for a track, and I want you to have it :)”. You could also remix one of their songs, and help them gain exposure to the original song. Once they get to know you as not only a fan but someone very helpful, you can perhaps ask for a bigger favor, such as asking them if they can listen to your new song. Remember though, try to have some relevance to the original artist, for example, say “I made this song dedicated to you!” or “I was very inspired by your style of music. I wanted to see what I can make of it.” You could then ask what they think about your music, and see if they are interested in hopping on a track you are making. If they aren’t totally convinced make sure to give them all the benefits! (Large royalty split, Primary artist position, etc.)

Process of production

(1SkyeeArc) The whole EP was made in FL Studio, a music/software tool. 7rivon and 1SkyeeArc incorporated multiple unique touches when it comes to the production. They brought in a mix of hard-hitting 808s with bouncy percussion and rhythm to create an EP with a mixed feeling, just as the name suggests! The whole EP was mixed and mastered before submission by 1SkyeeArc and 7rivon to make sure all sounds were properly balanced and adjusted for different audio outputs.

With this EP, 1SkyeeArc and 7rivon really wanted to bring their audience something different, something of great quality and uniqueness.

Finding the right distribution method – Label vs Indie

(7rivon) Finding the right distribution method is crucial if you want to balance the benefits of income and exposure. It’s pretty much common sense. Choosing a big label will definitely help you get more recognition from their huge networks and advertising budget. However, this also means you’re giving away a huge cut from your royalties. Again, common sense. But going indie seems to be a lot more appealing to musical artists nowadays since they have tools like social media to promote. But if you actually think about it; how hard is it to get your first thousand followers? To gamble and spend thousands of dollars on Instagram ads or promotional posts just to get a few streams on your new album? It may sound convincing that you can make it as an indie artist, but if that’s true there won’t be such a thing as a record label. The important decision is about finding the right label. For us, it was easy, we just had to go to our own label, SlideBass Records, and submit our new EP through there.

So if you are deciding to go with a label like us, you can follow the 3 ‘C’s that would definitely help.

1. Compatibility

As an artist who doesn’t have previous connections with a record label, it is best to check out some of their contract terms by searching something like “Example Records – Contract” or looking through their official website. SlideBass literally states that they take 0% of your royalties, offers free distribution, and gives you the ultimate freedom for being signed to their label.

2. Compatibility

Now that you’ve decided the label offers a fair deal, see if your music is compatible with the label. Although some may argue this step comes before researching the contract, I personally believe it is better to research your long term benefits first. Besides, most labels are very flexible with genres and can accept your songs as long as it foreshadows commercial success. You should check out their playlists and YouTube Channels, for example, SlideBass RecordsDystopia Spotify playlist, and see if your songs match their general style of music.

3. Connection

Finally, you decided that this is the perfect label to distribute your song to. What do you do now? Labels range widely in terms of acceptance of demos, and generally speaking, most record labels stress from receiving too much music to go over. Big labels like Republic Records or Spinnin’ Records keep their A&R contacts or demo submissions very hidden, and sometimes even unaccepting “unsolicited material.” On the other hand, record labels like SlideBass Records literally have a giant button in the middle of the homepage saying “SUBMIT YOUR DEMOS HERE.” To maximize your success on establishing a connection with the label, I would suggest you research thoroughly through the internet, from search engines like google (eg. “Example Records A&R Contact”, ”Example Records Demo Submission”) to Demo submission websites (eg. Submithub.com, Labelradar.com) to Question websites (eg. Quora, Reddit, LinkedIn). Once you have collected the information, check over all the contacts and send your track over. Try to keep your email consistent and straight-forward, with all your track information, a little biography about yourself, and a steam/download link to your music via (preferably) SoundCloud. Good luck!

Branding and building up hype

(1SkyeeArc) Branding is incredibly important if you want to achieve success with your music. For the EP “Mixed”, 7rivon and 1SkyeeArc promoted the project via services provided by SlideBass Records, such as social media marketing, video creation, Spotify playlist placements and much more! This is why having label support you can be vital, especially in the ever-growing cluster of Social Media. 1SkyeeArc and 7rivon also ran dedicated promotion campaigns on SoundCloud, which allowed us to gain thousands of streams and engagement. The key when it comes to marketing is that you have to create something that’s different, something that stands out from the crowd and makes people want to engage with your content.

Contact info


Official Website: https://www.james.su/

Google: https://g.co/kgs/iztPQP

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/7rivon


YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/trivonmusic


Official Website: https://1skyeearc.beatstars.com/

Google: https://g.co/kgs/LNSZSW

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/1skyee_arc/


YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP4B0v8YPPkrQyy9yMEPMpA