Ilhan Koman: Google Doodle Celebrates Turkish Artist’s 98th Birthday

Today’s Doodle celebrates the multidisciplinary whose wide-ranging interests and endless experimentation with various media and techniques, as well as mathematical concepts, led some to call him the “Leonardo Da Vinci of Turkey.”

Google does not forget the years of birthdays and deaths of our artists. Ilhan Kaman was born in 1923 in Edirne. After studying at the Department of Painting at the Istanbul Academy of Fine Arts for a year (now Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts), he was transferred to the Department of Sculpture where he studied with Professor Belling.

After taking the European test in 1945, he went to Paris and proceeded with his instruction at the Julien Academy at the Louver School. In 1948, Koman opened its first solo exhibition in Paris, and after this show held solo exhibitions and took part in gathering exhibitions in many different places around the world.

Notwithstanding numerous significant biennials and displays in 1956, 1962 and the Venice Biennale in 1979, the 1957 SOA Paolo Biennale, in 1966, the fifth Biennale of Tehran, in 1961 in Paris, held at the Roden Museum 2 joined the figure a global contemporary show, and in the meantime as in Turkey. He has also been involved in many public artworks in both Sweden and Sweden.

Koman, who died in Sweden in 1986, has a significant place in Turkish sculpture among middle-aged members who are effective in breaking up the stereotyped form and turning to new searches.