Inspirational Journey of Egyptian Social Media Influencer and Entrepreneur, Marko Danial

Marko Danial, also known as Pharaoic, is a rising social media influencer and the Founder of Spzrts. Spzrts is a company solely committed to making sports gear and apparel affordable at a global level as well as enabling athletes to share their stories in hopes of inspiring one another. The company’s direction, as well as Danial’s, is all about growing the community and network within, into an empire.

Pharaoic’s rise to upholding a robust social media value all started back when he was still in high school. After relocating to the United States from Egypt, Danial quickly caught on that sports was a majority interest of many.

Ironically, Danial had just got into the social media world as well. Everything was fresh and new to him from social media, the level of significance sports had to even how this all tied into American culture.

In hopes of utilizing it to become more knowledgeable about sports and interacting with others, Pharaoic created an Instagram account that fell under the sports category. It began to progress, but its first true break into recognition was the day Danial made a video about Kobe Bryant.

It went viral.

From there, he continued to grow at a rapid rate as his networking skills progressed. This enabled him to meet and communicate with many. This assisted him in developing his social media network, which is currently utilized to help grow and influence others across social media.

As Marko saw his potential grow more and more, he then decided to start his own company, ‘Spzrts.’ As many brands sponsor him to promote their brands, ironically, he felt the desire to create his own and become an entrepreneur. Through his company Spzrts, Pharaoic is very consistent in his efforts to try and inspire young athletes around the world by having them share their stories with each other.

Marko never set limits for himself, even after being a successful digital marketer. Danial has expanded himself to other platforms. Quickly, Danial has become a role model to many newcomers who want to start a career in social media. His story has been embraced and labeled as “inspiring and sincere.” More times than not, his audience applauds him for not being attention-seeking and providing quality content that reflects his qualities, talent, and hard work that has brought him success.

Currently, Pharaoic is studying engineering while working on expanding his company, Spzrts. He aims to exceed new levels as a social media influencer, as well as begin running multiple companies and showing ecstatic energy in his work.

Q: What do you love about being an entrepreneur?

A: Being able to make change. My goal is to inspire the younger generation by showing that age is just a number, and anyone of any age can accomplish anything as long as they put their heart to it.

As an entrepreneur, I have been able to meet and talk to so many mutually like-minded people. Building those right connections with people is something that is very essential in life, and entrepreneurship has given me the first stepping stone towards developing that necessary life skill.

Through entrepreneurship, you eventually will learn who those good and bad people are as well as how to depict them. But that is how we learn, by making mistakes and seeing them through for lessons you can carry for a lifetime. Experiences not only help build up our future, but they also merge us into the right path for us.

Marko has been seen collaborating with different influencers on all social media platforms. More can be found on his Instagram and personal website below: