Instagram marketing ideas for the travel industry

I’m going to share five Instagram marketing ideas for the travel industry in this blog post.

  1. Leverage by media influencers

Influencers are great for earning likes and connecting with people who treat the words of their favorite Instagrammers as a gospel. Influencers, by their very nature, have huge fanbases, so they can help you get the word out and create a viral effect. Bonus read Goread.io

This holds true if you are selling unique material, advertising an exclusive offer or offering an experiential travel experience (mountaining, skydiving, culture tours, etc.). Commissioning a high-profile influencer to post on your behalf or sharing the updates you have created is a perfect way to achieve exposure to your target market.

Skyscanner is an example of a company that now and then hands over the reins of its account to a high-profile influencer. Here’s a look at the launch of the latest Instagram campaign with the micro-influencer Robert Schrader; he took over the Skyscanner page for a few days to give his fans some lesser-known but very stunning locations in Thailand:

Instagram takeover of Skyscanner

They also invite followers to tag their holiday posts with unique hashtags, to be in a spot to be included on their page. By the way, this is a great way to let your audience do their job for you: because you can put up beautiful images instead of dreaming of your own. These traveler-supplied images may also resonate better with the audience, as they are perceived to be more authentic.

It’s not a bad idea, of course, to use a social influencer who has a relation to travel; having said that any influencer that can help you achieve your dream and encourage a high amount of positive connections is worth considering.

  1. Consistently share varied content

Needless to say, travel companies should be concerned with posting highly visual content on Instagram: impeccable high-resistance images that get your audience to pack their suitcases. Beautiful, inspirational photography from talented skilled photographers is what’s wanted, as realistic and easy images can do tricks as well.

It is necessary to note, though, that the material should always be varied. Even beautiful images of mountains and seascapes may become boring after a while, so remember to juxtapose inspirational quotes or other content that reflects your values and brand identity.

This is a forum where creativity is, of course , important, so think long and hard about how the pictures you post match your brand identity. Emphasize what makes you special, apply appropriate hashtags (and invite your followers to use them too) and strive to foster a ‘feel-good element.’ Game-changing profiles include Royal Caribbean International, Lonely Planet and Airbnb.

Instagram Travel Content

  1. Instagram Leverage Stories

You can promote incredibly polished marketing content through regular Instagram posts, but for something a little more authentic, Insta Stories is where it is. Stories has quickly become one of Instagram’s best-loved features and offers an opportunity to raise brand awareness while giving followers a unique look at what you’re offering. Stories can last up to 15 seconds, while live videos can last up to an hour.

By the way, you can tie this tip in with the first suggestion, namely by bringing reputable influencers to broadcast real-time holiday experiences, taking trips and seeing the sights that you think would resonate with the audience.

Of course, if you want to get a top influencer on board, you’ll have to comp them on the trip; or pay a heavy fee to let them host the Instagram Stories takeover on your feed. Of course, you ‘re going to want to set a minimum number of Stories that you want to post within the allocated timeframe in order to create buzz and maximize engagement.

For an example of Instagram Stories done right, search Ryanair ‘s page. Stories may be devoted to neighborhood holidays, street food, big activities, and unique popular destinations at various times.

Ryanair Area Breaks Instagram History

  1. Using the IGTV

Launched in 2018, IGTV is a long-standing vertical video platform that helps you better communicate your message to your Insta followers and increase your audience in the process.

Unlike the shortness of films, IGTV videos will last up to an hour, giving you enough time to highlight your offer: a chance to enjoy a nice holiday, for example. IGTV can be accessed from the regular Instagram app, although there is also a dedicated IGTV app, and developers have worked tirelessly to ensure that the platform delivers a more polished end product than Facebook Live does.

The trick to optimizing the channel, of course, is to curate enticing and relevant material that is ideal for longer formats: expanded travel guides, travel advice videos, videos based exclusively on local cuisine, and so on. But get it right, and the rewards could be huge. This type of content is very popular on TV, Twitter, and other well-established channels, so there is a big opportunity for Instagram travel brands.

  1. Build a calendar for social media

You’ll want to concentrate on other forms of content at other times of the year. As a travel company, you might want to focus on winter breaks during the winter, city breaks in the spring and autumn, and beach destinations during the summer. By setting up a social media calendar and taking note of bank holidays, festivals, sporting events and the like, you can ensure that your content is timely and relevant and thus more likely to engage.

Plus, it’s not just a matter of planning holidays; planning your content in advance would encourage you to produce easier, more interactive content for the simple purpose that you’ll have more time to prepare and build your content.


Travel companies who thrive on social media, and particularly on Instagram, realize who it’s more than just showing postcard images. It’s about empowering travelers and others who, handcuffed to their desks, are idly scrolling through Instagram as a way of escape. It’s about selling a living dream.

Make social media an important part of the marketing strategy, concentrate on producing engaging, motivational content, and help travelers explore new , exciting destinations and become a respected voice in space.