Introduction of Juank Cortavarría

Juank Cortavarría, the Colombian speaker, is an inspirational person for people in business all over the world. He lives in Colombia, is a mentor, head of numerous organizations, and author of Cortavarría Academy. He became very successful in such a short period. Cortavarría motivated around 50,000 people with his speeches and is considered to be the world’s best mentor.


His Instagram page:

In case you haven’t heard about Juank Cortavarría and are interested in knowing him more, you can add him on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/juankcortavarria/. He regularly posts stuff about his upcoming speeches so you can catch all the details over there. He has a public account so you can get all the updates even without following him, but it is best to do so as you wouldn’t want to miss out on anything.


Early years of Juank Cortavarría:


Juank Cortavarría was born in Barranquilla, Colombia, yet he experienced his childhood in another city named Pereira. His schooling was done there, and he came back to his Columbia. Here he began his business when he was only 18 years old, and later, he did specialization in HR and marketing.


He was exceptionally youthful and had a lot of knowledge; this is why he left what he was doing and started his own business. By karma, his items were selling alone. However, he required administration and other staff to keep it up in this way; he failed to proceed with the business. After this disappointment, he lost his entire company, yet this loss taught him some great lessons. These are the same lessons that he now teaches other people to make them successful.


Right now, Juank Cortavarría is 28 years of age, and his role as a motivational speaker knows no limits. He gave various speeches, numerous online talks, and online classes for the whole world on marketing, programming, and business growth. People who have attended these classes seem to like them. His lectures have been a source of motivation and growth for a lot of business owners. He is famous for his one of a kind, lively character and his expectation while communicating since he doesn’t worry about generalizations, however, with results. He is the originator of his very own image Juank Cortavarría, but he is not proud at all.


As mentioned in http://www.juankcortavarria.com/, during Juank Cortavarría’s first year as a speaker, he blew everyone away with his speeches. People loved listening to him, and he became an inspiration for them. Since then, a lot of people look forward to attending his lectures and conferences so that they can also get motivated to do their own business.


Current life:

As of late, he is just 28 years of age and functions as a business, advertising, and HR specialist in various organizations and goes to numerous spots to give an inspirational meeting to open the blindfold of the individuals regarding business. He tells people to open up themselves a little and be ready to take risks because only then they can see their true potential.