iPadOS 14 currently lets you interact with Siri and applications simultaneously

One of the large enhancements in iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 is that Siri no longer assumes control over the entire screen. Be that as it may, in the early betas you were unable to connect with Siri and applications simultaneously – doing anything with an application, in any event, looking over, would excuse Siri.

A Redditor saw this is not true anymore on the iPad as of iPadOS 14 beta 5 …

Aiden Alderson posted a short video demo of asking Siri an inquiry and all the while looking in the Settings application. This was energetically invited by his individual Redditors.

“This is a great change. before, when Siri was in view, it was a massive productivity block, but now, it’s less of a hinderance.”

“Such an obvious update. Glad it’s here now!”

“Amazing change!”


“That’s great news!”

Up until this point, notwithstanding, allowed application communication gives off an impression of being conflicting. Endeavors to type are disregarded while Siri is talking, while at the same time tapping works in some cases and not others – even inside the equivalent application. Obviously it’s carriage at present, so we’ll need to hold on to discover what the normal conduct is.

The improvement is restricted to iPadOS: looking in an application on the iPhone despite everything causes Siri to exit. This created blended responses on Reddit, some inclination it should work similar path on the two gadgets, others thinking of it as less valuable on the littler screen of an iPhone.

“Now to make it work for iOS too.”

“I love it on iPadOS since there’s so much usable space still while Siri is engaged and I’m usually using it two handed. The iPhone however I much prefer being able to tap on the screen to dismiss and don’t see much benefit in being able to still interact with the background due to the limited screen space compared to an iPad.”

To exit Siri on the iPad, you can swipe Siri away to one side.

My own understanding of iPadOS 14 has been positive. Despite the fact that the individual enhancements are generally little ones, they do indicate a shockingly huge distinction in the experience. The open adaptation of iPadOS 14 beta 6 landed yesterday.