Jake Geruson and his unique path outside of family name

When many think of the Geruson family, Richard is the first that comes to mind. Richard Geruson has a track record that makes him well worthy of the first individual that comes to mind when the last name is used. But his son, Jake is looking to be the next of that.

Jake is a social media influencer who has grown to fame all from his likeness. In the past few moths, Jake has risen to an approximate 40-thousand Instagram following. This has made his influence on those within his age group, much stronger.

Jake was initially an aspiring athlete. He dedicated a great amount of time towards his craft and development in basketball.

But unfortunately his chances were cut short due to an injury that has ended his athletic potential.

But with his athletic potential being cut short, it enabled more potential in the world of social media and public presence for him. Geruson has since looked to spread a positive message amongst his peers and become a more like-able individual.

Needless to say, he has done.

Jake is now a rising influence with no ceiling and has garnered attention from many other celebrities as well. Only time will tell, but time is telling the public that Jake will be the person you think of when the Geruson family name is mentioned.