Jay Awal on How He Helps People Chase Their Dreams and Find Success

Some people look at problems as problems, while some see it as opportunities. Serial entrepreneur Jay Awal transformed his problems into possibilities. Awal now helps people become the best versions of themselves through his MxM movement. Here’s more on the concept and how he is letting people discover and unleash their full potential.

Early realization 

After high school, Awal used to work as a waiter while in college. He realized that one can never have the lifestyle one dreams and deserves as long as that person works for someone else. This sparked a flame within Awal to become the best version of himself. Walking on the path to realizing his full potential, Awal founded a content creation agency while in college. This led him to hook up with two individuals who pulled him in as a partner of a financial education platform. Today, Jay Awal facilitates an elite community of entrepreneurs known as MxM The Movement to help people across the globe mature – spiritually, mentally, and financially. Through MxM, Awal partners with the most determined, ambitious, and talented folks to guide and lead millions of people to their respective best versions.

Fueling evolution with revolution

Awal doesn’t belong to a wealthy household. He asserts that his humble origins have allowed him to experience what the absence of financial education can do to families and one’s standard of living, not to mention the generational problems it can stir. Awal has taken it upon himself to help people realize the best versions of themselves so that they are no longer at the mercy of external situations or other people. He shares, “I strive to see people through till they transform into their best possible selves. That’s why the whole movement that I stirred up – MxM – is centered on this very cause.”

Unlike the traditional means to generate income, MxM helps people learn ways of making money without having to punch in and punch out – so people can have money working for them and do not need to spend and expend their entire lives working for it. 

Spotting gold

Finally, Awal recommends everyone enhance their sense of perception to see the best version of not just themselves but everything and everyone around. This, as per Awal, will help one make the most of every situation, and every problem will show itself as an opportunity.