Justin Oglesby: The Founder and CEO of BullBox Digital Marketing Company

Justin Oglesby

Born in Jacksonville, Florida in 1990, Justin Oglesby (pictured middle) later became one of the celebrated experts in digital marketing; prospecting, sales, and lead generation. His super skills have enabled him to feature in several shows and podcasts in the United States. Before venturing into entrepreneurship, he studied degrees in healthcare and marketing in two different universities; the University of Cincinnati and the University of North Florida. He later joined the health industry where he worked full-time as a business development and marketing representative.

His ambitions to start his own business from scratch in Florida were influenced by the illness that caught up with him and got admitted for over 30 days while on a mission trip in India with his local church. In a lengthy discussion with Justin, he said that after recovery he realized that life was fragile just from the several occasions he nearly lost his life. He further adds that he reckoned how much he took life for granted and the thought of establishing and growing his own business empire overwhelmed him. He desired to live a good life and enjoy the fruits of his hard work.

 As he was willing to work hard, he achieved whatever he had aimed. Justin Oglesby worked like someone else was working 24 hours a day to take it all away from him, until he established his digital marketing company, BullBox, while still as a full-time worker. He wanted it badly and paid the price for success and indeed he got it. His business quickly scaled up and had to quit his work to focus on his empire.

As a business development and marketing representative in the health industry, Justin was tasked with reaching out to medical offices and maintaining relationships helping the company grow market share in strategic regions. He had an opportunity to learn how the local businesses operate and through that experience, he got to know one of their main weaknesses was to follow up properly with the generated leads. This enabled him to properly plan and execute his ideas through the development of systems that helps businesses increase lead conversions.

Together with his business partner Zach Williams, they established the Conversionly Marketing company which specializes in helping marketing agencies follow-up with and qualify the leads they generate. Their exceptional services help businesses and marketing agencies to retain their clients longer. 

Generally, their aim is to assist companies in the follow-up of their leads and helping local businesses fill their pipeline and also get new clients. Justin Oglesby built his empire from scratch and today he’s one successful entrepreneur who never thought of quitting while he was deep on the weeds of starting his expertise in building business systems, lead generation, and automation.

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