Kaira Ra: “I help entrepreneurs explore and unlock quantum leap growth”

Growth for entrepreneurs and professionals has found a new way to move higher up in the spiritual realm. Author Kaia Ra,the divine and bestowed Oracle for The Sophia Dragon Tribe explains further.

Through her ceremonial events, spiritual leadership, and investment in humanity’s sovereigntyKaia Ra encourages individuals who are lost. She has the innate gift of being the spiritual orator to the next generation. Through fine art designs, spiritual jewelry, altar blueprints, and the designing of lifestyle products, she is taking entrepreneurship to the next level. “From the teachings of the Ascended Masters at The Sophia Dragon Tribe, I embodied the active need to infuse technology with Sophia Christ Light. We anchor, download, and integrate it with the professionalism and entrepreneurship of the modern age. These teachings help at the quantum level to be true to my sovereignty. I use my spiritual calling from the Ascended Masters and channel my energies to the right path by being a continuous and serious entrepreneur. With these core capabilities, I can grow and elevate myself to the next level in the spiritual realm infused with today’s realities,” saidauthor Kaia Ra, to enlighten the readers on how her Divine Feminine Christ consciousness helped her in finding the right path after a sabbatical in 2008.

Author Kaia Ra became a bestselling novelist with the release of The Sophia Code, a worldwide bestseller. The French translation of the same novel has also been a bestseller in France. Kaia Ra is a graduate of Fine Arts from Boston, MA. She is a fantastic, beloved, and spiritual leader, entrepreneur, and adventure, nature, and animal lover. She continuously receives press coverage on her Divine Feminine teachings, preparing the world for the return of the same. She has mastered the art of connecting herself to the higher self in the spiritual realm and projecting the same through professionalism in humanity’s current realm.

There’s nothing that stops Kaia Ra from achieving her calling in life and paying tribute to her Ascended Masters. She has never let her past stop her from helping those in need, especially the rape victims. Her innate nature is to lead, inspire, and be an entrepreneur with multiple support groups to uplift humanity.