Khloe Kardashian Posts Ambiguous Message Reading ‘Disappointed But Not Surprised’ – Talking About Tristan Thompson?

Khloe Kardashian has taken to social media for her favorite past time. It is about sharing the ambiguous quotes. What happens is that reading the quotes, fans tend to think and theorize what or who those quotes may be about. This time it seems that she is talking about her ex, i.e. Tristan Thompson.

The Kardashians star’s baby daddy has been trying his level best to win her back. He has been seen writing flirty comments on her social media posts, by throwing her surprises and showering her with thoughtful and expensive gifts.

However, in her series of the latest posts, Khloe has intentionally given hints that she is no happier with the basketball player. One of her quotes said that, “Disappointed, but not surprised’ has been my biggest mood this year.

Considering the betrayal she went through with the basketball player, after he kissed Kylie Jenner’s former BFF, Jordyn Woods. It was pretty much clear that she was referring to two of these people and to be specific him. This was the second of such quotes seemingly again targeting Tristan, that she has posting in the last month. She also previously wrote, “My mother once told me: ‘Every time that you forgive him, he’ll love you a little more, but you’ll stop loving him, so the day that he loves you the most you won’t feel anything for him anymore.”

Jordyn and Tristan crossed the line at one of the parties at his house. It was the second time that the basketball player cheated on Khloe. While he was being unfaithful to her just before she gave birth to their daughter, Khloe decided to give the player a second chance. However, the time proved that he took that chance for granted.

This wasn’t once but after celebrating the Thanksgiving with her toddler, Khloe took her IG web page to share a message which appears to be an assault of her ex. She said, “I loved you so much that even when you hurt me, I tried to understand you…’ she wrote, without additional explaining who she meant or the context of her phrases.

Though she did not mention anything about the basketball player, however those who know about the turmoil in their relationship were clear about what she is referring to. She once shared the quote saying, “We don’t know what tomorrow will deliver, so don’t keep mad for too lengthy.”

Khloe posted one of her pictures where she was kissing her toddler through a glass door on one of the special occasions and said that, “Every day I give thanks that I was chosen to be your mommy! I’ll by no means ever take this function as a right! Thank you Tutu! I’ll simply love you till the top of time!

At this point in time, everything shows that he is whole heartedly willing to get Khloe back yet once more. On the other hand, the reality TV star does not seem to have any intention to be with him again. So what do you think, KhloeKardashian Posts Ambiguous Message Reading ‘Disappointed But Not Surprised’ – Talking About Tristan Thompson?