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Knucklez: Virginia Rapper on the Come Up



Knucklez is an independent artist hailing from Richmond, Virginia who has been rapping since he was just 14 years old. In his latest album, ‘In Your Face Music’, he shows listeners who he is with ten hard-hitting tracks that has helped him build up a fan base of nearly 5,000 monthly listeners on Spotify.

From falling in love with being a musician after watching ‘8 Mile’, to writing his first song at 18, to seeing the dividends of his hard work, Knucklez is on a mission to show the world that he is the most versatile artist in music. In our conversation together, we learned that everything starts and ends with his music. He’s a musician through and through.

With that in mind, we worked our way through his catalog and put together our thoughts on his music. Here are some of the highlights.

‘Goin’ Crazy

‘Goin Crazy’ sounds like a quintessential East Coast hip-hop song and it certainly comes right at you from the first note. The dark and haunting beat kicks you in the chest with it’s constant heavy bass and sets the stage for Knucklez lyrical attack.

With over 20,000 streams, this track is his most listened to on Spotify. The simplified beat allows you as the listener to focus on the lyrics and wordplay that he brings to the song. As he delivers line after line, you get to hear his creativity and advanced lyrical ability. This song has been as popular as it has been for good reason.

In our conversation together, we has asked Kuncklez what song best represented his sound and he told us that without a doubt, it was ‘Goin’ Crazy’.

“The song that best represents my sound right now is ‘Goin’ Crazy’. It’s hard-hitting and it slaps you in the face. It’s music that the world can’t help but notice.”

Check out ‘Goin’ Crazy’ on the YouTube as well.

‘Can I Kick It’

‘Can I Kick It’ is another wildly popular song with over 14,000 streams on Spotify to date. This song has a more soulful and smooth feel to it. Just like ‘Goin Crazy’, he uses a straightforward and catchy hook before he gives you all of the flavor in his verses.

Again, his style is fast and aggressive but on this track, he finds a way to keep subtly changing his flow while delivering quality lines and overall delivers just an intricate and talented hip-hop track. As a man that describes himself as “the most versatile artist in the world”, he certainly is making that case on ‘Can I Kick It’.

Check out ‘Can I Kick It’ on the YouTube as well.

‘What You Rep’

This song also speaks volumes about Knucklez ability to switch up sounds and styles. The beat on ‘What You Rep’ has an industrial and tribal sound to it with very little melody. The driving force of this song really is the lyrics and rapping that he lays down, there’s a real underground cypher feel to it.

He again ties the song together nicely with an effective and catchy hook. Between those portions, he’s rapidly delivering line after line very evenly in a talented flow. Like the other two tracks we looked at today, there is a real nod to the old school in this sound that would make 90’s east coast rappers real proud. However, the uniqueness of elements like this beat mixed with the quality of the production avoids it sounding dated. Knucklez has been able to craft a sound all his own.

Check out what we mean and listen to ‘What You Rep’ on the YouTube.

As we told you earlier, what shines through in both his words and his music, is that he is a real musician. By that, we mean that he lives and breaths music. When we asked him about his biggest achievement to date, it wasn’t a singular song or stream count. Instead, it was more of a sign that he was on to something here.

“My biggest achievement was when I got my first check from my music. I was like yeah people believe in my music enough to support me and buy it. And I know they want that hard great music that gives them energy, life, and that they can have a ball with.”

That validation has Knucklez focused on his future and his music. Some artists’ future focus is on “making it” or becoming famous. When we asked him, not surprisingly, it was all about the music.

“My overall goal is to show lyrical skill on classic singles, hits, and albums. Also, that real hip-hop isn’t dead and I want to show people my versatility like they’ve never seen before.”

Again, it always comes down to the music when it comes to Knucklez. He’s a real artist whose sole focus is his craft, getting better, and winning over fans. If you are a fan of his, that’s good news as he will only get even better than he already is with time. If you are just finding out about him, then you have every reason to become a fan now.

To stay up on everything with Knucklez, check out and follow him with the links below.




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Die Hard’s Jeb Stuart to write ‘Assassin’s Creed’ Netflix series



Die Hard scribe Stuart has been tapped to compose Netflix’s live-action adaptation of Assassin’s Creed, Deadline has affirmed.

The task has been being development at Netflix since 2020 as a part of a content deal with with Ubisoft to develop live-action, animated and anime series dependent on the international bestselling video game franchise.

Since it first launched in 2007, the Assassin’s Creed franchise has sold in excess of 155 million games worldwide to become one of the bestselling series in video game history. It was adjusted as a feature with the 2016 Assassin’s Creed directed by Justin Kurzel and featuring Michael Fassbender. In 2017, Ubisoft flagged its arrangements for an Assassin’s Creed TV series.

Stuart most recently created Netflix’s Vikings: Valhalla, the sequel of History’s Vikings series. He likewise wrote Netflix limited series The Liberator and features, for example, Die Hard, Another 48 Hours and The Fugitive.

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Jack Black and Ice Cube to star in Sony comedy ‘Oh Hell No’



Jack Black and Ice Cube are joining for Sony satire Oh Hell No.

Black is in talks with star with Ice Cube in the project that follows the relationship of Sherman (Black) and Will (Cube) after Sherman falls in love with Will’s mother.

Kitao Sakurai, the filmmaker behind Netflix’s breakout satire Bad Trip, is set to direct from a script by Scot Armstrong (Old School), Tracy Oliver (Girls Trip), Jessica Gao (She-Hulk) and Rodney Rothman (Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse).

Matt Tolmach, who worked with Black on the Jumanji films, is producing through Matt Tolmach Productions with Black and Roz Music. Brittany Morrissey is directing for the studio.

Black was most recently seen in theaters with Jumanji: The Next Level, and is set for the profoundly expected Borderlands include adaption, playing beloved character Claptrap. He is repped by WME and Sloane Offer.

Ice Cube, repped by WME, Prospect Park and Ziffren Brittenham, was most recently seen in Searchlight’s The High Note and is set for a Universal sci-fi feature from Wanted chief Timur Bekmambetov.

Sakurai’s previous credit includes directing and executive producing The Eric Andre Show for Adult Swim, and as of late coordinating scenes for the second period of FX parody Dave and BJ Novak’s upcoming series Platform. He is repped by UTA, 3 Arts and Schreck Rose.

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‘Ladies and Gentlemen’ : Mostofa Sarwar Farooki’s debut web series on ZEE 5



A virtual press conference for the revealing of Mostofa Sarwar Farooki’s debut web series “Ladies and Gentlemen” was held today at 4 pm. The ZEE 5 original series will premiere universally on July 9.

Director Mostofa Sarwar Farooki, producer Nusrat Imrose Tisha, and ZEE5 Global’s Chief Business Officer Archana Anand were available at the meeting. The cast, including Maria Nur, Pavel Areen, Tanvir Hossain, Mamunur Rashid, Tasnia Farin, Hasan Masood, Partha Barua, Alexey Kosorukov, and Iresh Zaker were additionally in participation, among others. The meeting was facilitated by Aisha Khan.

The online meeting started with a welcome address by Archana Anand. “The entire journey of Zee 5 has been about bringing out quality content for the audiences, especially based in India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan and so far the response has been overwhelming. With internationally acclaimed director Mostofa Sarwar Farooki joining this goal, I hope we will be able to deliver more towards our promise,” she said in her speech.

This was trailed by the trailer debut. The 2 minutes and 21-second trailer showcases themes of gender equality and social stereotypes in such manner close by taboos related with womanhood.

Then, the stage was given to Mostafa Sarwar Farooki to share his perspectives and presentation experience. “As an independent filmmaker by nature, I have always been in favour of theatrical releases. However, entertainment consumption has taken a different shape in this pandemic,” he said. “OTTs have become crucial for us in such a situation, and the experience has been amazing.”

A behind the scene video was displayed through screen sharing at the live conference.

Maker Nusrat Imrose Tisha played a fundamental role with regards to choosing the cast for this creation. “This is my second production and it’s a blessing to work with Mostafa Sarwar Farooki. However as a producer, it was a challenge, as he keeps improvising,” she shared. “However, he took my advice while selecting the cast, especially in the case of Partha Barua and Tasnia Farin, and the unpredictability led to a lot of excitement and thrill for me.”

The online event finished with an inquiry and answer meeting where the floor was available to columnists and media agents to speak with the productions group and cast of “Ladies and Gentlemen”.

Mostafa Sarwar Farooki, who is known as perhaps the most prolific directors of Bangladesh, has acquired international awards for his work throughout the long term. His forthcoming project, “No Land’s Man” is a predominantly English film, which will feature Indian superstar Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Bangladeshi singer turned entertainer Tahsan Khan.

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